Why Am I Tattooed??

I have been asked repeatedly why I’m covered in tattoos? Or had comments like, ‘You would be a much more beautiful person if you didn’t ruin your body with tattoos. I never got offended but couldn’t figure out why. So I just thought about it a bit and flashed to memory from my past.

I normally don’t talk about the past much because it causes a lot in my head and then my body reacts either in the form of a paralyzing panic attack, 3 days in bed and crying or even a nose bleed. Sometimes it’s all 3. But this is different.

Tattoos are my shield and history. How I came to this conclusion was memory. When I was dating my  ex-husband he said that his family were strict Pentecostals and that they didn’t believe in body modifications, haircuts, and whole lot of other things that I don’t remember and really don’t care to. Long story short, to protect myself from him throughout the years I would have new ink added. It was my shield. I would be less attractive to him and he believed that we would never be together because I defiled my body.

My ink is my shield, illustrated story of my survival, celebration of not being with him anymore, my art and ideas, and history of my family and beliefs. I’m proud of what I have and still a firm believer that my ink is my shield as it offers insight to other people and helps make a quick decision of who to consider worthy of my time.

Don’t let other people’s opinions get in your head over your decisions. You do what protects you from anxiety, depression, and other people.

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