May 6th 2017

High ‘Meat’ Hopes

Talk about commitment! It’s nothing new that I work two jobs and love tending bar more than my day job. I went to school after being a stay at home mom for more than ten years. I finally divorced and married a man that told meo follow my dreams which was going to college. I went into a creative field because I loved drawing. I don’t regret my college, I only regret where I landed. That’s all besides the point. The bar that I call home (because every bar tender has one) is a small town beer and shot bar. This is where everyone knows everyone, fresh eggs are sold, people catch up on news and gossip, and where you can find help whether or not your looking for it or needing it.

Now the owner of this bar passed away a couple of years ago and his brother is in charge of the estate because there wasn’t a will left. The sisters of the brothers seem to be receiving not so good advice and wants to sell ASAP when the brother wants to keep his brothers dream and memory alive. He was a man that would give the shirt off his back for anyone and loved animals so his brother really wants to keep the bar. No surprise that during the winter months here in Wisconsin the bar business is well…slow. Obviously when we are slow there isn’t much money coming in. My home goes up for sale. After much crying, worrying, and panic attacks, I was told that the liquor license was renewed!

Both my manager and I were told that we need to come up with ideas to bring money into the bar. I immediately sprang into action. I decided  that we would take part in the northern tradition of meat raffles. This bar has NEVER had one. After closing the bar last night only to wake a few hours later to have breakfast with my family and our usual trip to Barnes and Noble, I went shopping for meat. Traveling an hour to purchase good quality meat at sale prices my anxiety set in. Negative thoughts of: Will there be enough meat? Will people show up? Am I even fucking doing this right?, ALL reeled in my head. I wasn’t going to let self doubt creep into the crevices of my soul. I only went over my $100 budget by $30 and ended up with a great lot of meat! I was eager to see my managers face when I brought the meat into the bar. Her face reassured me that I was on the right track!

So-wish us luck that the meat raffle is a hit and will help bring in business. I’ll let y’all know about it as I sit here the bar in case backup is needed for our first ever Kentucky Derby party.


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