May 22nd, 2017 PART 2

Meat and Matters and Questionable Acts-part 2

I worked Friday night at the bar and quickly learned that my work ethic, honesty, and integrity was being questioned. By who, it doesn’t matter. I have been with the bar for 3 years. 3 years without asking for a day off and only being sent home when I’m to sick to stand. I have helped many of my bar patrons with advice, been a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a mother figure, a nurse, and so much more. Instead of focusing on the negative beginning to my night, I was reminding people of the upcoming Sunday meat raffle and that all the proceeds from this will be going to help a local individuals widow and children.

I had so many people excited and promising to come. The sign in would also begin on Sunday and they were even looking forward to that. The bar was dead by 1am and I closed early. I had a huge day of shopping for the meat on Saturday ensuring that I would be able to receive the best deals possible. My family and I started the morning with breakfast at a local greasy spoon diner. My oldest daughter was not present but we all had fun and laughs just the same. This was until my 7 year old decided to ask to be an older brother. Stunned my husband and I just looked at each. My husband was the first to speak up by telling him, ‘You are the last baby. We are proud to call you are last child and only son. That is an honor that not many people have.’ This made our son smile. Panic subsided with us not having to explain the real reasons why we stopped with him. Honestly, because of my gastric bypass both my son and I almost didn’t make it and I was reliving all those fears, pains, and heartaches of never being able to have any more children. My husband and I both wanted a large family but we decided that we will not put myself in danger or the baby. My husband squeezed my hand knowing what I was feeling. This brought me back to reality and I was able to smile and enjoy being with my family.

Later, I took my son with me to go and purchase the meat for the raffle and we had such a blast. Running to get out of the rain from the car to the store or talking so seriously about which meat would be the best. He soon got to meat our local butcher and hit it of immediately. My son brought up his nightmares and tells my butcher, ‘Mom says I’m safe because she has a gun.’ (Before people lose their shit here it is-I have a lock box, and a lock on my gun, and the safety set on it. SO go fuck yourself if you have a problem. It’s my right and it helps me sleep at night knowing that I have a fighting chance if my past comes to finish me off!) and without missing a beat my butcher says, ‘I have one too, so you’re safe here as well.’ and then he winked, game my son a sucker. Then we are started to discuss (including my 7 year old) very seriously about which meat would be the best for the meat raffle. Then my son was taught the different cuts of meat and what types their was and then was promptly quizzed about which animal the certain type of meat came from. All in all a good day. The act of kindness was spending time with my son and including him in on major decisions for the huge event that his mama was planning. I’m hoping he learns that how to make an important decision through research and facts.

So here it is: Do you also include your child on important decisions that need to be made or do you let them figure out later on life how to make decisions?

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