May 22nd, 2017 PART 4

Meat and Matters and Questionable Acts-part 4

This brings me to today, Monday, May 22. I was so exhausted from the busy weekend and even managed to twist my knee. I showed up to work with to thermos cups. One with some really strong coffee and the other with my Dublin breakfast tea (that I will no longer be able to purchase more than likely). Right when I walked in I was immediately greeted with a sample of a very old concept for a product that hasn’t been made in about 5 years. It was more than likely a first version and someone wanted to recreate it. UGH! I so didn’t want to deal with that this morning. I sat down and began recreating this hideous art spec and was met by the CSR that was on a trip handing over an art spec request. I put it in my tray without even glancing at it. After I completed the hideous art, I looked at the request and seen that I had completed it for the older CSR (the one set in her ways and can do no wrong). I quickly forwarded it to her and walked out there to return the product sample to the older woman and the paper that the returning CSR brought. It was quickly snatched out of my hands and thrown in the recycling box for paper. I later received an apology from her stating that she wasn’t informed upon her return that the work had been done or informed of anything else for that matter.

I was having an OK day trying to draw a complicated black lab and duck logo for a jacket when I received a text from my husband (black lab and duck will be digitized for embroidery). I didn’t read it right away because it was normally and ‘I love you’ or ‘Miss you’. I wish I had read it when I was on my morning break. He had been walked off his job site Saturday by this guy that has been gunning for his dismissal since my husband started. I panicked. Panic is a fucking understatement! I went numb, a thousand horrible scenarios running through my head, questions that were now a serious concern. ‘How will I feed my family? How will we pay the car payment? Can we get by with the bare minimum? How and where do I find a 3rd job and time for it? How am I going to be able to continue to see my therapist or receive the medications I need? I don’t want to go back to the woman I was. The woman that caused her husband to leave and feel like he was walking on egg shells. The woman who couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t get out of bed. The woman that was easily triggered and couldn’t stand to hear my children laughing because the noise was to much. The woman that wasn’t the woman she knew she could and had to be. I cried in the bathroom, shaking, and couldn’t seem to catch my breath. My husband knew he couldn’t calm me.

The thing is, he kept this from me so it wouldn’t upset me during the meat raffle. He said that he seen that I was already under stress and wanted to make sure that I focused on the important matter at hand. I am entirely grateful for that. I’m pretty sire I would have lost my shit.

Now my question is: Can a spouse file a grievance through the union about this man having my husband fired? How do I pay for my doctors and medications?

I’m so scared. My husband helped cooking dinner and helping me find this time to write.

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