Homesick Shrimp

As I posted in my journal entry my family and I are house hunting. It’s exciting to think that one day we will be able to own our own home. Then I got to thinking about where I called home for the LONGEST time. The South! So I made the mistake at looking at houses back home and was pleasantly surprised. The houses were bigger at a better price than up here in Wisconsin. Bigger homes, more land, more space, etc…for a WHOLE lot less. Well-WTF, why are we thinking about buying here for? Oh yeah, our jobs are here. The kids are going to school here. We started building lives here. I was homesick instantly after looking at houses and decided to make something that resonated the south in my northern kitchen.

Cajun Style Shrimp Boil (without the big boiling pot)

Ok-maybe just a little boiling but I get more flavor cooking the traditional southern dish in the oven. This may also be know for others as a ‘Low Country Boil’ of someone wants to look up an ‘official’ recipe. But what I like about this is there isn’t an ‘official’ recipe, just some staple ingredients. But I have a two stick butter twist. Just follow me. I used:

  • 3 lbs bag red taters (chose the one with the smallest ones)
  • 4 ears of corn (If a gal can get a hold of fresh sweet living in Wisconsin-I’m gonna)
  • 2lbs of tail on large shrimp – thawed (I’m not in Texas so I have to use frozen but it still works)
  • A mess of Old Bay seasoning (this is for taste and color)
  • 4 cloves of garlic-chopped (I used more hehe)
  • 2 sticks of butter
  • 2 lbs of smoked sausage

That’s it! Now to get to work. Chop the taters in quarters but for the tiny ones you can leave whole. I parboiled those until (insert slight voice and drawn out word here—>) ‘barely’ fork tender. This is so the shrimp doesn’t over cook. I shucked the corn and chopped into thirds. Chopped the garlic and set aside. I grabbed my toss-away foil pan (a girl LOVES easy clean up) and threw in two WHOLE sticks of butter. Sliced the smoked sausage and threw on top of the butter along with the corn and garlic. The taters were ready at this point and tossed those in. I sprinkled in the seasoning. OK, confession. I dumped in about 1/4 cup seasoning and maybe a little more than that on top and tossed it all together. Covered this pan of awesomeness with tin foil and placed in a 350° oven. When the taters and corn were ready to be gnawed on that’s when I pulled the pan out, threw in the shrimp, added a little more seasoning and tossed together and back in the oven until shrimp was pink! The butter-garlic-Old Bay juices tasted like cajun nectar from the Gods!

We enjoyed this with some cheddar biscuits and complained about being full 5 minutes later.

A little taste of home to help keep the homesickness away.

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