My husband and I decided that we needed a night away from the kids. Dinner and a movie were in order after a horrible past few weeks. I had someone coming over to look at puppies but I thought for sure that we would be ready and just make the movie. WRONG as in a lot of things we plan. We made it there it time but the couple in front of us purchased the last two seats that were next to each other. In order for us to watch the move we would have to seat separately. How about, NO. We decided on a late showing and went to dinner.

We went to our usual place we like to go when we are kid free but the food wasn’t what it used to be. I ordered the zucchini pasta topped with a walnut pesto. My husband was able to eat his dinner but mine was super oily. I LOVE olive oil but this was enough to make me sick. It felt like the night was turning into a disaster and I could feel myself turning inward. We finished dinner and had an hour to kill so my husband thought it would be a good idea to go look at Halloween decorations. This was fun and all until I didn’t have enough money to buy anything. Another kick to my mental health which has been kicked around due to the circumstances I wrote about in my 10/14 journal entry.

Finally, time to see the movie. Popcorn with extra butter and a large soda later we were at our seats. My mind was wandering so I don’t remember the previews. ‘It’ was surprisingly good once you look past the jump scares that were happening way to often it was actually pretty good. I wonder about what’s wrong with me though because I was the only one in the theater that didn’t jump and laughed when other people were covering their eyes.

I don’t want to give much away because the movie is still new but I do recommend watching the original and then the new version. It was a wonderful distraction.

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