Art of Following Dreams

‘She’ll NEVER make money as an artist! It’s a hobby, not a career that can sustain her! Plus I’m not wasting the money for her to just lose interest!’ My mother yelled at my father after I asked to join an art class. ‘You can be anything you want in this life. If you want to draw and paint then I’ll go and get what you need. You have real talent Jo. I believe in you,’ my dad gave me a hug and walked away. Years later I’m now a graphic artist, painter, writer because my father supported me.

I hope I made the deadline for Carrot Ranch’s 99-word story prompt. Backstory: This was an argument that my mother and father had. I submitted a portfolio to an art school doing a trial for younger individuals. I was chosen for them to do a home visit and seen that what I created was with a #2 pencil or Crayola watercolors. I was then accepted into the program at 13. My father was so proud, my mother, on the other hand, didn’t want to spend anything even though I was granted a scholarship. Needless to say, my father’s support helped me to where I am today.

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    1. Thank you, my mom wasn’t what I needed but my dad stepped in. I owe him a whole lot. I hope other people will see that they can do what they want despite other’s opinions 🙂

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  1. That’s sick. It means a lot to have even just ONE person who supports you. When I gave up drinking a long time ago, I only had one person in the entire world who genuinely had my back, and it made all the difference.

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    1. I know…my daughter wants to be a photographer. So I got her cheap film cameras and a point and shoot. Now she’s taking classes in high school and LOVES it 🙂 I don’t want to do what my mother did.


  2. In elementary and middle school I loved to draw. I won a few awards through the school and wanted to take a real class outside of school..But my mother wouldn’t spend the money on it and she wouldn’t let me try for a scholarship. The irony is that she had always wanted to be a painter and blames her mother for not supporting her dream. She never did figure out that she was doing the same thing. I am happy with the path my life has taken so I don’t begrudge the list dream…But I am careful not to step on the dreams of my girls. I’m glad you had your father in your corner! ❤️

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    1. I try my best not to step on their dreams but also not let them lose sight of what they want to do or be. It takes a big person to not begrudge someone of past wrong doings and that’s awesome of you 🙂 I don’t really begrudge my mom but I also can’t stop an ‘I told you I can do’ look when she needs something from me.

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      1. Lol believe me…There are other things with my mother I haven’t quite let go of… Although I’m trying. In the end she did the best she could with what she was taught. I’m grateful I have grown past the things I was taught and am not limited by the beliefs of my family. Not that they are bad people but they have never been happy or considered themselves successful. I am fortunate to be both happy and successful (by my standards). ❤️

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