Quote Challenge Day 1: Havamal Inspiration

I think this is a great challenge and a way for people to share a quote that is inspiring to them in some way that’s special and dear to them. It’s like a story into the encouragement for one’s soul. Thank you Grateful Single Mom for nominating me to participate in this challenge. The writing and wit of her blog will definitely give you an encouraging boost and a little humor along the way. So, stop over and see her quote choices that inspire her as well. It’s a great mental break from the A to Z challenge (and getting over being sick).


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Share why this quote appeals so much to you
  4. Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Never walk away from home
ahead of your axe and sword.
You can’t feel a battle
in your bones
or foresee a fight.

Hávámal, The Sayings Of Odin

No, I don’t have a sword or an axe that I carry around. But when I do leave home, I’m aware and cautious at all times because of past experiences. This helps as a reminder to trust my instincts. Most of the time they aren’t ever wrong. This could be interrupting a man harassing a young woman at her first job. The poor young girl just landed her first after school job at the mall. I passed once and I seen a pleading look of, ‘Help me,’ on her face. It was one that I have worn many times. I didn’t need to know about the hydro whatever that she was supposed to sell but I stopped and her this man’s pickup lines. He was twice her age. I interrupted and stood between him and her. The protective mother instinct kicked in. Before I knew it, this man decided that he was going to confront me. My husband stepped, security was called and I made sure the guards walked her to her car after her shift.

So please, remember to trust your instincts in all things. I don’t mean just for safety but in all things.

The three bloggers I nominate are (Y’all have fun with this):

  1. Tales From the Mind of Kristian
  2. The Ministry of Shrawley Walks
  3. Revenge of Eve

10 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 1: Havamal Inspiration

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    1. Thank you. All I could see in that young woman was my daughter as she just started her first job…at a hardware store. I’m hoping that someone would stick up for her if she were to ever be in that situation.


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