Another Challenge…Punishment?

I know. You must be thinking, ‘Poor girl needs to know when to tap out.’ Here’s the deal. I love to challenge myself. It’s like I need to prove someone in particular that they’re wrong (even though 1000’s of miles that separate us logically and legally). That I’m just not no one. That no one cares about what I write or draw. That I’m more than meant to be in the kitchen (this was after I cooked two desserts, one for work and one for the family plus dinner). Truth is, I care. I care to prove this person wrong. I care to keep practicing whatever brings me joy. I don’t pretend to be good at watercolors but I don’t pretend to be a quitter. I used the Winsor Newton Watercolor markers and a watercolor pen and quickly figured out I have a lot to learn. I could be better but that’s why I’m not listening to the permanent negative voice in my head. Not this time. So here it is, the Doodlewash’s watercolor/doodle May challenge. A daily watercolor commitment is what I need.

Prompt Word: Flowers

I chose Columbines.

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