Weighing In on Weighing In: Week 4

Today is weigh in day. I made some changes and this morning a question. Now, I did a sneak peek at my progress (I have GOT to stop doing that) and seen that I was down to 189lbs. This morning I weighed before walking and it read 194lbs. Umm…wtf?! I noticed my fingers were swollen and thought maybe it was because I just woke up. I walked, got weirded out by a cop, came home, had some water and weighed in. 190lbs is what the scale gave me. Did I gain a pound? I’m not too sure because I took the scale in the bathroom and it told me 196lbs. Even bigger WTF thoughts. I will be getting a new scale as I’m beginning to think that the scale is in cahoots with my diet that tried to use my chopping skills against me earlier. No, but I will be purchasing a different scale.

PLUS side…I lost more weight! I added healthier fats back into my diet like a butter/olive oil spread (hello yummy!), found that I can snack on Rold Gold Pretzels (but now I dip in PB2 powder peanut butter adding the protein back into my snacks and yumminess), and I’m not starving myself by hoarding points. They’re there so why not eat them? I have turned down free pizza, cake, and even BBQ lunch here at the office and I’m not completely bitter just glad that I could pass it up. That means I’m learning self-control. I’ve also learned to enjoy my coffee without all the bells and whistles and drinking more water.

6/21/2018 High 5% Losing 5% of your weight is a big deal! It can improve your mood, give you better sleep, and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Woot!

The WW app asked if I wanted to up my activity point goal to 70 and I had to turn that down. I don’t think I’m ready for that because I have so much going on. Taking care of family/house, daily painting, daily doodle (not giving those up at the moment), the Friday Fentonย project (update coming tomorrow), writing class I signed up for, and my blog. I’ll try to do it on my own without it counting first.

Totally happy with my results so far but cautiously aware that there will be bumps in the road. Here’s to hoping for another successful week leading up to weigh in day.

Happy Solstice everyone.



18 thoughts on “Weighing In on Weighing In: Week 4

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  1. You’re doing great. It’s so tempting to keep checking on your weight but it can fluctuate a little day to day (as you probably know). A lot of weight loss programmes recommend weighing in once a week for that reason… but it’s so hard. I am guilty of weighing myself daily and it can be disheartening at times.
    Keep following the programme, you will get there.
    Good luck x

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  2. Im doing the slimming world diet, don’t think they have it in the US but I am in Ireland so yeah they have it here and in the UK too. Its food optimisation, I love it and so far am down 22 pounds in 3 months! still have a long way to go though, in total I have about 90 pounds to lose! congrats on your weight loss. it helps to weigh yourself at the same time and in the same place every time. xxx

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    1. First Jealous! I want to visit Ireland so bad. I haven’t heard of that diet name. Congrats on that loss!! That’s like huge! I’m going to start tracking my weigh in times and places. Going to experiment a bit…GREAT TIPS-Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Congratulations! I used to move my scale around too and found that I weighed more in one room than the other! I found i obsessed over it. Now I use my clothes as a guide. If something is a little tight then i watch what I eat for few days. I gave up on the stupid scale. It ruled my life for too many years ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ˜
    Good for you sticking with your plan. Kiss those ponds goodbye.

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    1. As soon as I pin point the Bermuda triangle in my house for pounds that’s where I’ll weigh myself :D. I do find myself obsessing and I think it’s because I don’t want to fail. Truth is, with weight anything can cause a gain…hell I could look at a cake and I can’t button my jeans ๐Ÿ™‚

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