6 Word Story: 8/3

I’m writing this with a blueberry green tea and sore legs. The Ibreuphen helped me through the night and I’m debating on whether or not just to cancel my dentist appointment. I know better and that I should go through with it but worried about how it will affect my diet. All the soft foods like mashed taters or tater soup or oatmeal are HIGH in points. We’ll see what I can live off of and what the scale says next Thursday. Oh, today is also Fenton Friday and that will be coming later today.

How often do you think about today’s prompt? Today, I’m going to lose teeth and yesterday I about lost my mind with one of the people I work with. There are all sorts of things a person can lose. I lost myself for years in an abusive relationship. I found a twist of humor. A note-my usual image generator isn’t working and I’m a little lost right now.

Prompt: Lose

264lbs lost! The divorce is finalized.

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  1. I’ve kept my A1C level down, and lost weight, by drinking GNC Lean Shakes. I buy unsweetened Cashew “milk” for the mix, with water, and most of the drinks are decent. I prefer the chocolate ones; stay away from the cookies and cream: tastes like chalk. If you’re not satisfied with the powder and liquid, I sometimes blend in a small banana or strawberries.

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