6 Word Story: 9/3

First, I got the dog from his formal owner. I messaged the night before pickup that ALL arrangements had been made and that I would pick up the baby in the morning (Saturday). My family and I enjoyed a breakfast together at the local diner before I headed off for 5 hours of driving. I called to inform the person that I was on the way and learned that she was actually out of town 4 hours away, since the night before. Who has the dog? I started to worry and prepared to get the local authorities involved with the proof through texts that she was surrendering the dog to me. I asked her if her in-laws were home (they live with her husband’s parents) and apparently they weren’t home to let me in. After me trying to talk sensibly she finally agreed to get a hold of her in-laws and have them let me in to get the dog.

After what I saw, I should have gotten him a year earlier or better yet never let him go to these people. What is it they say? ‘Hindsight is 20/20? He doesn’t know how to play with toys, has kennel sores, and is triggered/overwhelmed by A LOT. Before I got him by my estimation he was in that kennel (in the basement) for over 24 hours. I know why the owner didn’t want to be present because she knew I would have put hands on her. But he’s at his foster mom’s house and I will be updated on how he did through the night later today. Now to the prompt.

Today’s prompt was actually used as a reference of measurement from my grandmother that could have meant as little as a teaspoon or as much as a gallon. Replicating some of her recipes is a LOT of trial and error.

Prompt: Scant

Insufficient drama allows more positive thoughts.

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