6 Word Story: 9/11

Today is awful all around. 

Ever feel like a fuck up first thing in the morning? No sooner I walked in the door this morning, my supervisor jumped all over me because I screwed up an order yesterday. Here’s the deal, I can own my mistakes and normally don’t get upset but this…this was uncalled for. She and 2 other women were talking about what a ‘dumbass’ I was and that one needs to double check my work. What they ALL didn’t realize is that I had walked in and overheard the ENTIRE conversation that was taking place. Not only did I feel anger but betrayed by someone who I have taken up for several times. Instead of letting me learn from my mistake it was an experience that doesn’t make me want to try laying tables up ever again! Now I’m a blubbering mess that wants to punch something…HARD. Instead, I’m going to try today’s prompt. I think the prompt word is very fitting.

Prompt: Maddening

Don’t go mad over aggravating people.

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