Trying to Catch Up for Yule

I have had the worst stomach to ever hit me the day after the worst interview in my entire life. I remember the gastric bypass surgeon explaining to me that the stomach flu can potentially be more painful and longer lasting than the average and I would have to agree. The cramps were so bad I was crying but the only thing that was different was being lightheaded and the ear piercing headaches. I’m currently laying down at this point and feeling well enough to do this…and that’s it. Considering it’s Yule Eve I am now 3 days behind schedule too so it is what it is.

We are supposed to getting together for our Yule celebration with the kindred that my husband is initiating in to and luckily, not like everyone else that is camping in these freezing temps, they are providing us with a bed. Kind of nice since I have a feeling it will be an early night for me. There is going to be 2 feasts, 24-hour fire, and everyone sitting around getting to know everyone. I’m nervous as always but my son and husband are ready to go. We get back home on Sunday where I start setting up Christmas traditions and making those preparations for my girls and extended family when they stop by. The store will be nuts but the husband won’t mind running some errands for me after the fun weekend he’ll be having. I’m going to full on rest for a bit. What are your holiday traditions?  Happy Friday and Happy Yule.



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