365-Day Project: 1

Already grr-ing at my project decision and kind of regretting that it’s not more artistic (hands-on artistic). Now that I have completed day one I also wished I had done a little more research into bettering certain things and gaining some basic supplies. With that being said, please look into buying me a coffee. I have a goal in place and want to be successful. Enough with the begging, this is what happened:

Day 1

I woke up super early for other reasons but then excitement set in. While the house was still I thought it would be a PERFECT time to take my first photo. So much UGH was happening. I have a cheap pair of external lenses that weren’t much help. Then the lighting was not ideal which caused me to fight with my ‘pro’ settings on my phone. Pro made me laugh because I’m anything BUT that. Took the photo and it was shakey which caused me to explore my phone’s camera settings and now all I have to say is ‘shoot’. I took the photo into Adobe Photoshop via email download and played with it. This was a little too time-consuming and did some more research and found a recommendation for Adobe Capture. I downloaded the app, signed in, and voila! I will use that for tomorrows photo.

According to the article on Color Theory, this would be a custom palette. Tomorrow I will try another easy palette and hopefully work towards something more difficult. I think since my comics are due towards the end of the week that I will pick a palette to use to for coloring. All in all my Day 1 experience was stressful but fun. Any tips on mobile photography would be greatly appreciated specifically the Samsung Note 8 but anything would be helpful to tell you the truth.

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