365 Day Project: 2

I’m not happy with today’s photo one bit. It’s grainy. UGH! I used a photo editing app after capturing the image in ‘pro’ mode. From there I used the Adobe Capture app to find the colors for today’s palette.

The con that I find with the capture app is that it doesn’t allow me to add the Hex color codes right on the swatches AND I also had to do a screenshot on my phone. **Note to self** more research is needed for swatch apps. So I will include Hex codes below in order from left to right. I really REALLY need a tripod for my cell and some external lenses. I also went with the custom palette again but I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone. It’s only day two…that’s my mantra. I have 363 more days to practice and get better.

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How do I take better photos in darker lighting? Need to look into those courses ASAP!

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      1. I was curious because if you had I wanted to follow. A page should be perfect but to drive more traffic to it, I would link it any time you are talking about your challenge. I only say this because so many people read blogs from their phone and if there is no link, no one will see the page unless each time they read your post, they visit your site. Just something I’ve thought about when wanting to promote new pages on my blog. 🙂. I am excited to check out what you are doing!


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