A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 17

The snow is moving in according to the news but since I wasn’t snowed in this morning I do have to go to work. I have to do the adulting today. This morning I feel like I’m bashing my head against the ceiling trying to break through (either with art, writing, job search etc…) but nothing is happening. I’m going to start with my stanza then move to other things including going to work.


The fool gapes when among the folk.
He mutters and mopes,
and soon it is seen, when he gets drunk,
what his mind is like.

Pocket Version:

A fool gapes when to a house he comes,
to himself mutters or is silent; but all at
once, if he gets drink, then is the man’s
mind displayed.

From what I have read lines 1 and 2 vary differently from one translation to another. Lines 3 and 4 remind me of the previous stanzas speaking of drinking and losing wits. Where do I sit with this? I feel that I am the ‘awkward’ person at a gathering or with friends that mutters out of shyness. If I am able to have a glass of wine, mead, beer, I’m able to speak up and act like a normal person. As long as I keep in mind that I’m drinking I don’t lose my wit and only open up enough that I don’t look stupid in the end. This also tells me that a sober person’s mind is different from the same person’s under the influence mind (and is more truthful than sober person).

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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