A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 20

I made it to work yesterday and I’m getting ready to leave this morning. Watching the news, preparing lunch, prepping for dinner tonight, thinking about what to photograph for my project today, contemplating on life’s existence when the newscaster said, ‘Another snow day MAY be called tomorrow due to windchills of °-60.’ UMMMMMM MAY BE CALLED?! My children will not be going to school and that’s my call as a mother. I may not go if my vehicle won’t start. I could work from home if the IT nazi would set it up but NOPE. So much to prepare for but I’m going to focus on today’s tasks starting with my Havamal study.

Pocket Translation:

A greedy man, if no he not moderate,
eats to his mortal sorrow. Oftentimes his
belly draws laughter on a silly man, who
among the prudent comes.

Auden & Taylor:

A gluttonous man who guzzles away
Brings sorrow on himself:
At the table of the wise he is taunted often,
Mocked for his bloated belly,

I like Audent & Taylor’s translation as it is put simply. I think that basically don’t be a glutton. Keep yourself healthy, enjoy a good meal, and keep in moderation (much like alcohol advice). I think we could also extend this into our daily lives with material possessions. All in moderation. I’ll remember this when I’m in the maintaining period of my weight loss.

Happy Tuesday!

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