A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 25

I would like to think that my interview went well yesterday. I dressed comfortable and was comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t even let the 2-1 interview intimidate me where normally I would have had an anxiety attack. Then I heard the dreaded, ‘we have a difficult decision to make as we have interviewed many talented individuals including yourself.’ Well, dagnabit! I’ll continue to apply to other places. Today, I’ll also post some typography images I created quickly during lunch.

Pocket Translation:

A foolish man thinks all who speak
him fair to be his friends; but he will find,
if into court he comes, that he has few


The unwise man weens that all
that laugh with him like him too;
but then he finds, when to the Thing he comes,
few spokesman to speed his cause.

The Havamal is HUGE on making unwise decisions and always be cautious. This is another situation. There are fake friends are something that you will come across in life. When put to the test it is those who stand by you and speak up in your defense and taking your side are the ones that are true. I have found more often than not when I hear, ‘I’ll be there whenever you need me,’ is a phrase as common as, ‘Hi, how are you?’ They don’t really care to hear how you really are it’s just polite. This is a lesson that I’m trying to teach my kids. There are friends then there are TRUE friends. Choose wisely.

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