A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 26

Today was a disappointing weigh-in day so I ‘m going to continue with my stanza study.  I figure it is what it is and try harder for next week. But here we are at stanza 26:

Pocket Translation: 

A foolish man thinks he knows
everything if placed in unexpected difficulty;
be he knows not what to answer, if to the
test he is put.


The stupid man thinks he knows all
when he is at home.
But he does not know what to say
when men test him

I think this stanza is reminding you to educate yourself. It’s easy to think you know everything when you don’t leave your home or comfort zone you will never experience anything new. You won’t learn from mistakes. When around other people who have experienced more or studied more and a person boasts about not leaving their comfort zone or learning ANYTHING new you will sound like a fool. When you try to chime in or add to the conversation and then challenged with another answer or question it will become worse. So, I guess the lesson here is to always keep an open mind, experience different things, and learn something new as often as you can.


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