Weighing In on Weighing In: Week 37

I really REALLY wanted this week to be different but I have no one to blame but myself…and a little of mother nature. This past weekend I REALLY enjoyed food and mead and more food and a Bloody Mary with the kindred. Then it’s that time of the month for me to have the skin of a pubescent teen and the appetite for salty and sweet foods. I can accept the pound I gained because I’m the one in semi-control of my body (I can’t help what mother nature is doing this week) so I started planning my meals last night. Here’s to a better week. Happy Thursday Y’all.

8 thoughts on “Weighing In on Weighing In: Week 37

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    1. YUM! I regret NOTHING! The kindred members are all great cooks and then I made a brownie batter cream dip. Yeah, then we went for wings where I indulged in a Crunch Berry Milkshake. Nothing, I regret nothing. But I’m back on the wagon this morning. 😁

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  1. It is fine that you have a goal and strive to make your ideal weight, but right now, right there you are perfect at your core (soul)

    We need not change or accomplish anything to be happy right now

    Happiness is not contingent on any achievement in the future

    Our goals are fine and develop discipline and courage when put into perspective


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