A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 32

Monday. That’s all I could think when I woke up this morning. Luckily I got semi-ready for today last night. Lunch is prepacked and my son is all set for today. Here we are at stanza 32.

Pocket Translation:
Many men are mutually well-disposed,
yet at table will torment each other. That
strife will ever be; guest will guest irritate.

Many a man is being friendly
when he teases at the table.
There is always strife
when guest clashes with guest.

How many times have we been around friends and take jabs at the other back and forth? Did it ever go too far? Maybe you or your friend got upset? I think this stanza warns of that. Even the closest of friends can go too far and an argument ensues. The same goes with guests that don’t really know each other. All it could take is one comment and bitterness will spread. However jokingly it may have started, it could end badly for all and the moods go sour. And nowadays it’s even harder to joke with people as it seems everyone gets so easily offended. Among friends, family, and kindreds I think not only do we need to keep in mind joking is just that but when it gets mean instead of causing an even more noticeable scene perhaps pull the offender aside and speak in private. An apology is just as good in private as it is in public. Stay genuine and have honor whether you are the offender or the offended.

Happy Monday Y’all!

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