Deli Crimes

I had time today to do this little quick dark story up for the Friday Fictioneers and thought if I took all my short stories of 200 words or less and put them into a collection would anyone purchase to read? I’d like to think I’m getting good at these. Thoughts?

Crime scene tape long weathered away. The only remains of the murders is this shell of a building. The town nominated the old market as a shelter during disasters since it was the only building with its own well and generator. The owner, old man Cecil owned the store but it was his daughter that ran the deli. Each week a newly sliced deli sandwich cleverly named such as ‘Texas Two Step Brisket,’ combo would be featured on the menu, ‘for a LIMITED TIME’ always preceded the title. The dark truth of multiple victims followed the headlines, ‘Deli Sliced Nightmare.’

Word Count: 100
© Jo Creative PTSD Gal

18 thoughts on “Deli Crimes

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  1. Makes one wonder why they would risk using it as a shelter..
    Nice job you, not so sweet, Jo!!
    And there are a few who have published compilations of their short stories (I’ve read a couple of them 😉 )

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  2. That was terrific but only “In a Limited Way”.
    I ate there once and had the:

    French fried Sharon Tate-rs
    Kitty Genovese and provolone sandwich
    JonBenét Ramsey Cobbler
    and a Nicole Simpson Slushee



  3. I am a fan of flash fiction, short story collections, and stuff I can read over the morning coffee, so sign me up if you decide to publish a collection or issue a free ARC. I would go to the diner above to drink coffee and read your stories, but it sounds like this is one of those “you can come in anytime but you can never leave” places.

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