365 Day Project

After much reading about building portfolios and a lot of graphic artists, photographers, etc…have a project that they have committed 365 days of their life too. Well, I thought so could I. I wanted to combine cell phone photography and color palettes into one project. This means that I will be choosing my color scheme from the photos I take with my cell phone.

I’m completing 3 goals with this project:

  1. Better phone pictures
  2. Learning about color
  3. 365-Day commitment.

Truth be told, I’m not one of the people that can take great photos with their phone. I wasn’t blessed with that sort of gift BUT I can learn. Creating a color palette isn’t that difficult but it isn’t easy. I’m getting back to the basics with color theory and creating schemes. I found a great article on Color Theory that helped refresh my memory.

At the end of my 365-day project, I will put together a portfolio gallery to see beginning to end and if there is any improvement. Until then, I will post my daily project with all the trials and tribulations that went into the particular photo and palette of that day.

Thanks for joining me on this learning ride and I’m sure there will be blood, sweat, tears and a lot of colorful words but it’ll be worth it.

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