Fandango’s Provocative Question #10

I’m trying to participate more in other blogs’ questions and story prompts and I still need to add my part to ‘finish the story’ (hoping to do that today). I’m trying to be more creative and more free-spirited but I’m also the one that loves to watch tutorials, look up how-to’s, reviews, pretty much anything that will help me find a blueprint to what I want to do. With that being said Fandango hosts a question that can help get those wheels turning.

“What is more important to you, doing the right thing or doing things right?”

Well, let’s see here. There are times that it’s easier for me to complete a task even though it’s not the ‘right way.’ It’s Jo’s way. I’m that person that it’s better to do the right thing. It’s easier for people to preach about what’s right or wrong but no one wants to demonstrate what’s right. Also, deciding if an action is ‘right’ can be a hard decision in itself. All of the pros and cons and what-ifs are thought of in a split second to reach a decision. Is it right to give a homeless man holding a sign money or better to bring him food? Do you do anything at all because you see in the news the fraud with the Go-Fund me campaign or the good Samaritan was robbed while trying to help? I think because of when and how I grew up affects my choices a great deal compared to younger people. I’ll help the elderly trying to reach the top shelf and the kid that’s trying to cross the road but traffic won’t stop. But for me, it’s about doing what’s right and I’m learning more about that through the Havamal.

Another Weekend-Another Year

There is something to be said about being productive on a Saturday morning. All week I’m drained by my day job and then come home to get my day to day done. It can be draining. Trying to explain to my husband that physical tiredness is different from mental tiredness. There isn’t any amount of sleep that can help recoup from being mentally tire. I woke up early and decided that I was going to be good to myself and got on the treadmill. I didn’t make it the 30 minutes that I wanted but I did make an effort. I spoiled myself with oatmeal and banana but also took the time to apply for more jobs. I wrote personal cover letters and summaries for each application. Then it was off to fetch groceries and fill the car up ALL before the snow storm system moved in. Once home I completed some of my web development course. It’s amazing how much came back to me after years of not coding. Sunday was my ‘lazy’ day. Since my birthday is today and I have to go to work I laid in bed watching Netflix. I cooked an awesome dinner and watched Christmas shows with my family. I couldn’t have spent an early birthday any better.

Today I will order cookies for a belated birthday treat for my coworkers tomorrow. As much as I would like to forget I’m turning a year older, we do not have a bakery in my town. The business that bakes fresh cookies only does it during the week because they don’t run oven during weekend hours. I’m ok with that. I debated on treating my coworkers but they haven’t really been that awful towards me, it’s management. So today I contemplate opening another Twitter account to accompany my graphic artist portfolio or one for my blog. Happy Monday everyone…let’s kill it!

This is a stippling doodle I did at work on Friday. It felt good to doodle again. I do have to replace my pens and markers because the dogs ‘plucked’ my art bag out of my purse that was sitting on my bed and demolished them. I will slowly replace them a little at a time.

Friday’s Corner

It’s Friday! Made it through another week. I’ve had hardly any work to do but since everything is blocked on the internet I’m left sitting playing solitaire on the computer. I had people express their sympathy for how I’m being treated and that it hasn’t gone unnoticed but that’s not going to change the fact that I’m looking for another job. I had two emails from employers, ‘we are going ahead with our process’ or ‘we feel another candidate would be better suited.’ I’m just hoping that my current employer has given a bad reference. Why would they? I’m bringing my doodle book and some other stuff to keep me occupied.

I wrote a little short story. It’s nothing much but it was enough to get me excited about writing again. Happy Friday!

Corner Watcher

For years she played with Gemma. They were inseparable just as a girl and friend should be. Then her Gemma grew apart having less in common. Gemma sits on a chair in the corner of her friend’s room, watching as she made plans and growing up.
She sat in that corner for years watching her friend grow up into a young woman.
She watched triumphs and trophies, first loves and heartbreaks. She watched fights with her parents and life learned lessons. Through the years Gemma noticed an unknown shadow slowly get closer to her friend’s window. At first, Gemma didn’t think anything of it but grew concerned when she could see that the shadow had human characteristics. She wanted to scream at her once forever friend about the danger lurking outside. One night her friend was woken by the sound of broken glass. Gemma could see the figure was now in the room and her friend was making an escape. Gemma glared the man down as he hurriedly left out the window he broke through. The father came in the room with a 911 operator on the floor, ‘Yes, I think we’ll be able to identify the intruder,’ as he picked up Gemma from her corner chair. As usual, Gemma saw everything sitting in the corner. The triumphs, heartbreaks, plans being made and thanks to the little nanny came, she also saw the intruder.

Give Thanks for Life, Love and Laughter – The Thanksgiving tag

IT’S DONE! I completed a basic online portfolio. Now I just to take the time over the days that I have off and build it up with projects that I can create on my own.

I haven’t participated in one of these in a LONG time and since I’m kind of boycotting work at the moment I thought I would do this. I would like to thank Kristian for this Thanksgiving Tag that was started by My Namaste 365. Now it’s no surprise, according to my children, that I have ruined the holiday with one click of the mouse but they’ll be ok. This is something of a list that kind of get’s my mind off of things and try to focus on the task at hand. I literally drew a blank on most of these 🤔

List your thankful ABC.
Add one theme clip art to your post.
Tag 3 people you hope would participate.

  • A- Art, in any form.
  • B- Brushes, as in all sorts of paint brushes for me to paint with (when I steal time).
  • C- Coffee, yup I’m addicted and drink it every day.
  • D- Dogs, if it wasn’t for my dog I would know what to do with myself sometimes.
  • E- Evening time, this is when my family is together the most.
  • F- Frustration-I know weird but if I didn’t get frustrated I wouldn’t set some of my goals.
  • G- Goals, they help me be a better me.
  • H- Havamal…there is so much wisdom in the words.
  • I- Ink, to both use to write and draw.
  • J- Jeans, a good pair can hide a multitude of sins.
  • K- Kids, mine specifically. They are the reason why I push myself.
  • L- Love, learning to love me, others, and to be loved in return.
  • M- Music, sometimes all you need are good tunes to get you through the moment.
  • N- Naps…I’m a mom. I’m happy if the kids get ’em or I do.
  • O- Okaying…pretty much what it sounds like and that’s what I’m doing. And that’s okay.
  • P- Projects. If I don’t have one these planned, in the process of, or just finished I feel off.
  • Q- Quiet, something I need in the mornings to get ready for the day.
  • R- Routine, I am a creature of habit and without some of my routines, I’m not myself.
  • S- Spirituality, I love that I can form my own path in the direction that I’m comfortable with.
  • T- Time, however I use it, I’m glad I have it.
  • U- Uncanny County, this podcast is awesome and lifts my spirits.
  • V- Vices, I have them and without them, I wouldn’t be suitable for public consumption.
  • W- Waffles, without them my son wouldn’t eat breakfast.
  • X- Xendochy…hospitality. I had to look this up. X was difficult.
  • Y- YUMMY food…this brings my family together.
  • Z- Zappers…the electric bug zappers. It’s a southern thing.

Nominations (it’s OK not to participate, I promise):

The Ministry of Shrawley Walks
Bitchin’ in the Kitchen
Lavender and Levity

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my father’s birthday. As I get older I now understand how important it was to him for us to just be there. We didn’t have to bring gifts of cake but our presence was what he wanted. It’s what I now want with the kids getting older and having their own lives and things to do. I’m learning to let a lot go and understand that they have to grow even if it means away from me. Tonight I thought we would all go out to dinner for my dad’s birthday and then over the weekend, I’ll work on finding a Scottish or Swedish dessert recipe to take place of his birthday cake, or even better a Scottish cake. If any of my readers have a recipe of Scottish or Swedish origins to share it would be greatly appreciated.

I thought I would try my hand at poetry again but this time kind of honoring my father and my quest to understand what he unknowingly passed down to me.

I Lost Something

I lost something I’ve never known.
Obsolete and unsure,
without the guidance from a living cornerstone.
Often wondering if I belong or even where,
Identifying with no one and solitaire.

I lost something I’ve never known.
Is it there and can it be shown?
Do I ask to learn?
Is this my concern?

I lost something I’ve never known
but promise an oath to learn of seeds sown.
How do I prepare?
I’ll start with some cookware.

Who am I? And what do I eat?

It’s one thing to grow up being proud of a heritage ONLY to learn that there is more to the story. In my quick video, I had mentioned that my father was adopted. My grandmother was a single mother to my father when she met, fell in love with, and married my grandfather who was in the Navy. The family (her side) kept secret the identity of my father’s biological father. So much so that the secret has gone to everyone’s grave. I unknowingly kicked a hornet’s nest (with my mother but that’s for another post) and did the Ancestry DNA test. In the FAQs, it details which parents DNA you may receive. Apparently, I received more of my father’s DNA and who knew that he was Scottish and Swedish?! I also got my mother’s DNA with Norwegian and Irish. I am trying to embrace my heritage both new and old. With my husband learning that he is Norwegian as well I started with recipes from Norway. NORWEGIAN SUCCESS TART (SUKSESSTERTE) and NORWEGIAN BUTTER COOKIES (SERINAKAKER) were my first two actual attempts. I’m so thankful that these two sites posted Norwegian recipes. I was proud of what I was able to accomplish. My original idea was to use my great-great grandmother’s Krumkake iron to make those awesome delicate cone cookies but my mother squashed it. So I searched all over the internet and found these two recipes that would be simple for me to find all the ingredients here in the states.

The tart and the cookies didn’t last long at all and I felt like I was able to own some of my heritage. The tart had no flour! I was shaken, to say the least. I was able to make something so light and filling from just a few ingredients. The excitement happened when it tasted like something I already was familiar with but never had. Bonus-it looked just like the picture. The cookies were a simple cookie that I could easily make from scratch again and again! I know my father and great-great-grandmother would appreciate it. One thing I learned and felt while tasting the little treasures from my oven is the fact that I felt a sense of belonging but also coming from somewhere. I didn’t feel as lost anymore.

The Scottish recipes seem to be my nemesis. I cannot find for the life of me some recipes that are new and exciting to try and make at home. This was an interesting find for me in my DNA and it belongs to my father. He passed away 8 years ago and I would like to make something that helps me feel closer to him and our heritage. Until I am able to get my hands on a recipe or two from Scotland I am going to try my hand at recipes from Sweden…I just have to find them first.

My Plea: I’m asking for help. Anyone with family recipes from Norway, Scotland, or Sweden that they wouldn’t mind me trying to make myself I would greatly appreciate it. Know a friend of a friend whose grandmother LOVES to pass down tradition and wouldn’t mind passing on heritage and the stories that go with I would be grateful. Unfortunately, I do not have those living relative links, family ties, but would like to slowly build my own for my children and myself. I can’t get to see these beautiful countries and experience the culture first hand but I can start to build tradition at home. Please share and ask if there are any recipes.

How I Single-handedly Ruined Thanksgiving Dinner…

At least according to my 16-year-old daughter. (I wanted to start with some journal entries to feel like I’ve caught myself up on my blog so thank you for hanging in there with me) First and foremost…I know my mamaw was rolling over in her grave the minute that I received the confirmation email. Being a southern woman, wife, and mother there are some things that are expected of us and one of those things is cooking a from scratch holiday meal, every holiday,  until the day we die. Before we die we are to also make sure to pass down ANY AND ALL cooking knowledge to the next in line which is learned through cooking every holiday. This year I did something so completely radical that my kids are ready to throw out the ENTIRE Thanksgiving Holiday. It went something like this once I got the kids home from school, dinner started, homework in progress and answering phone calls:

ME (to kids): Announcement Everyone!! (I’m all smiles so they know it’s not bad news)
KIDS (gather in the kitchen)
ME (still smiling): I will not be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. (still smiling)
KIDS (uprising officially commencing): OOH WHAT!! Now we have to go to grandma’s and PRETEND to like her food and PRETEND to like her boyfriend. Then have NOTHING for leftovers when we get home! I don’t want to let’s back out!
ME (wishing I had the ability to yell ‘SHIELD WALL’ and have the Vikings to back me up): No No…we’ll have leftovers.
KIDS (uprising paused and puzzled looks): Are we cooking?
ME (Still wanting that shield wall): No one is cooking?
OLDEST DAUGHTER (takes lead with fire in her eyes): Are we not doing Thanksgiving at ALL?!
ME (she is my mini me…I can take her if she rushes me): I ordered Thanksgiving dinner so all we have to do is pick it up, heat and serve the day of.
KIDS (in unison): What!? *Moaning and groaning noises*, its tradition! You ALWAYS cook dinner and WE eat it!
OLDEST DAUGHTER: *Steps forward, Thanksgiving is RUINED! *Stomps off.

This is the basic rundown of the conversation. I didn’t need that shield wall but I did need to explain to them the reasoning behind the break in tradition. Time, my employer only allows one day off for the holiday and I would spend an entire week of prepping, cooking, and clean-up. With the hectic schedules that are in my house, I would be up until midnight or later. Budget is another reason for my decision. I can easily spend $200-300 on all the ingredients needed to make my authentic from scratch southern Thanksgiving dinner but ordering the already made dinner I am spending less than half of what I normally would. BONUS of ordering…unfortunately the place I ordered from is about an hour away. I know you’re thinking why waste time and gas? My husband and I haven’t had a decent night out without the kids. We are treating this as a little date night and the town that we are traveling too has a bunch of shops that we have been meaning to visit.

My oldest girl has been sulking since I told her what was happening. I compromised and agreed to use the china (She has to wash it since I wanted to use paper plates but this will also appease my ancestors). Instead of me running around, exhausted, and irritated with everyone we can have a nice meal and spend the quality time together that we have been missing. My advice to mom’s EVERYWHERE…make it easy for you. Break tradition if you have too. You are not ruining ANYTHING for your children. Looking back they’ll see that you were there and in the moment instead of in the kitchen killing yourself frantically trying to recreate your great grandmother’s recipes.

Image from Cracker Barrel

It’s Happening AGAIN!!!

I’m reading blogs I follow trying to catch up and get inspired knowing I have a busy rest of the week and my mind is shooting in a million different directions. I thought it would be good to take a break here at work and read some of my favorite bloggers. That’s when I noticed it. Creepy blinking on and off of the star that lets the blog author know I liked the post. It wouldn’t stay orange. I’m frustrated…how long have I been reading and liking and that stupid little star wouldn’t do its job?!

So-blog authors and artists…I enjoy what I’m reading 🙂 

GRR to WP.

Experimenting With Curds and Whey

Yesterday after doing all the running around and chores I had made a goal. It started with my husband suggesting that we attend an Asatru Blot this month. Something that was being asked of us was to bring a dish to pass around for the feast. I can do potluck like no has ever potlucked before. It’s a huge southern tradition to get together with friends and family and pass around dishes that make up a HUGE meal. Then I read, ‘dish that has been harvested from either your garden or farmers market. Or meat that you have hunted or fish that you’ve caught for this event. Homemade baked goods from scratch are also welcome.’ Well…shit!

I just did a small experimental garden and even though fruits and vegetables grew there weren’t nearly enough ingredients to make an entire dish. My husband doesn’t hunt or fish so that is out of the question. Then I had an idea and after a little research into what the Norsemen ate I decided on making cheese and bread from scratch then add herbs from my garden. I sought out a dairy and was pretty lucky to find one on the outskirts of my town that sold by the gallon at a decent price. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty intimidated by using raw milk. Am I going to make something that will poison us all? NOPE!

It’s starting to curdle! YAY!

I made sure and set up all my utensils and ingredients for the cheese. Then I got to work. Bring the milk to temperature, worrying about the milk scorching, stirring until I thought my elbow was going to break, and then WOW. Adding the lemon juice made me realize…I can do it! I was so proud that the pot of milk was doing what it was supposed to do. The recipe isn’t mine but what I found helped A LOT! I bounced between several how-to articles and decided on:

  • A gallon of Raw Milk
  • 2 TBSPs of fresh lemon juice
  • 2 TBSPs of apple cider vinegar
  • Salt

Bring to temp and add acid. The method suggested was to turn off heat and let sit for 10 minutes. WRONG. REMOVE FROM HEAT COMPLETELY! I added salt at the end when it should have been done during the drying process. But the final product, in the end, was AMAZING.

What to do with Whey? The leftover product from straining the cheese from the milky water is actual whey. I can’t believe people spend so much money to purchase this stuff. I could have sold it but instead, I decided that making Whey Bread would be more beneficial to the blot that we are attending. I wanted to practice ahead of time so I don’t appear so new. I found a recipe and ran to the store while the whey was to warm. This is where I was again intimidated. I make quick breads all the time that doesn’t call for active yeast. I had a HORRIBLE disaster in my younger years making bread and I haven’t used yeast since then…until yesterday.

The recipe told me to add warm whey to the yeast. I panicked and added some whey from a smaller batch that was cooled making it warm. This worked and ta-dah! Happy yeast! Even though the cheese and the bread were high in points…I still counted and ENJOYED what I had made and baked.

The batch of both cheese and bread that I’m going to make I’m going to dried basil from my garden (it wasn’t dry enough yesterday but will be by next week). So I will have made homemade cheese from raw milk (which by the way is from grass-fed cows and Whey bread (not wasting anything) seasoning with basil that I grew in my experimental garden.

Any other ideas for easy homemade cheeses? Hmm…I could make butter.

Friday the 13th Scary Questions: Friday Funday

This is a challenge created by Rory and nominated by Kristian. Both brilliant bloggers. Kristian knew this was right up my alley. Thank you for letting me shine my nerdy scare light bright. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this fun little questionnaire on this stormy evening. I’m a horror genre fanatic. Both excitement and fear felt at the same moment something is happening. Then there are things that shake me to the core that are real and have even experienced in person. But this will be a little fun exercise.


  • Thank the nominator
  • Answer Q1-19
  • Nominate three bloggers and notify them
  • Each selected blogger must answer 16 of the 19 questions AND insert three new questions to make the 19. [hint, delete three questions you don’t like or have an answer for and replace those]
  • Q14 and Q20 Must remain intact.

  1. Which horror movie monster do you think is the deadliest?
    When I think monster I think of MONSTERS. Not the serial killer or the villain. With that being said I think Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.
  2. Which serial killer do you find the most fascinating?
    She was called Lady Bluebeard but her name was Belle Gunness. Then there is Jack the Ripper and H.H. Holmes (which some believe are the same person).
  3. Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death?
    I would much rather know the cause. If I get a definitive date I would either be too reckless or do everything possible to live past that date. I would like to enjoy living instead of worrying about my expiration date.
  4. Who were you most afraid of as a child?
    I think I was most afraid of the witch in the window. I remember when I was a young girl, it was a time of a modern day witch hunt. It was when people believed that devil worshipers needed blonde-haired, blue-eyed children for the sacrifices. For months I made sure that my curtains were drawn tight so they couldn’t peer in and then take me.
  5. Would you ever stay the night in an abandoned house that everyone claims is haunted
    Yes, I actually have – a couple of times.
  6. Have you ever tried to contact a spirit with an Ouija Board?
    NO! I refuse to touch one of those boards or my grandmother would come back from the grave and whoop me good. The horror stories that she told me would rival any Ouija board movie.
  7. What’s the scariest moment you’ve experienced on Halloween?
    Years ago when I was a preteen, I was trick or treating with friends and we would go for hours all around town except Reel Rd. The story: A little girl was trick or treating when she stopped at a house that was actually owned by a demon disguised as a motherly figure. She lured the little girl into the house. ‘Horrific’ things were being done to the little girl when she escaped and she started to run down Reel Rd. Just as she seen a car to flag down for help the demon snatched her out of sight, killing her then drug her soul to hell. The legend (or a story I was told so I didn’t wander too far) is that if we go down that road the little girl can be seen running. If you make eye contact with her you would see that it was the demon and it would take you to hell. Well, my friends and I went down Reel road. A whoosh of air went past me and when I turned around it was a little girl but her eyes were red.
  8. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  9. Do you Believe in Curses?
  10. What is your favorite superstition?
    Friday the 13th silly…The date is supposed to be cursed or unlucky.
  11. What is the creepiest book you have ever read?
    House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, I still need to finish the book.
  12. What is the scariest music you have ever heard [provide link]
    I’m no stranger to folk music. My grandmother would sing the most beautifully haunting songs. This was a draw between two songs that she would sing and in the end, I flipped a coin. The lyrics get me every time. Wind and Rain
  13. Do you believe in life after death?
  14. Which 3 questions will you be deleting to add your own in?
    7, 9, 16,
  15. Do you believe in psychic ability?
    This is a difficult one to answer. I believe there is an ability to a point. Not the magical movie kind but more of a gut instinct.
  16. Do you believe in the chain letter myth? Have you ever received one?
    First, I completely disobeyed my superstitious grandmother with this one. This woman would inspect every piece of mail before even bringing it in the house. If she didn’t know the sender or it was unmarked it would never make it past the threshold because of the whole chain letter superstition. I only received one when I was in school. I threw it away and I’m here today.
  17. Which type of movie monster is your favorite?
    Critters, hands down. I would laugh so hard at those cute little boogers.
  18. What’s your biggest fear?
    Hmm…I have quite a few but I would have to say, right now, being kidnapped (had a nightmare that woke me up-no like my flashbacks but still unpleasant.
  19. If you found yourself in a horror movie, would you be one of the first to die or the survivor?I don’t think I would be the first to die but I wouldn’t be the survivor. I’m more like the 4th character in the movie that was killed for being a sarcastic, brutally honest, female equivalent of Hershel from the Walking Dead.
  20. The three bloggers you are nominating are?
    The Ministry of Shrawley Walks

Have fun with this one guys.

3.2.1….Tomorrow Quote Me

Another fun quote challenge nominated by the creative Rory. I’m feeling drained already here at work and this is a nice break (and also makes me looks busy) so thank you, Rory, for this opportunity. My two quotes are ones that my father would tell me or anyone who was listening when he was in a few bottles. I think this is a great exercise in learning what other people value in quotes to share them.

Topic: Tomorrow

Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday.
~John Wayne

“Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time deid”
~Old Scots proverb

My nominees are:

No pressure and have fun!

Creative Mind Award Nomination (HOW DID THIS NOT PUBLISH!)

WORDPRESS IS WORKING MY LAST NERVE! I had this ready LAST WEEK and even hit publish!  When I say that I’m behind…that’s the understatement of the year. This diet thing is really getting in the way but I made a commitment. It’s all about balance, once I find it I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’m going to apologize for my rude tardiness and get this going. I am feeling a little disconnected from the community but I think it’s because there isn’t a daily place to visit other blogs.

I was excited to see that Kristian nominated me for this award when there are so many creative individuals out there. Kristian is a blogger and brilliant author that has been creating stories and poems. Sometimes I wonder where he get’s all these ideas. If you would like to read for yourself give his blog a visit (I’m a particular fan of his mysteries).

The award was created by another blogger Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith. That blog warrants another visit if you want to participate in the 3TC (I’m still working up the nerve to do one) or sit and visit a while.

This award is different. It doesn’t take hours of answering questions or write a short biography that includes your grandmother’s cat’s name. Just a ‘Hey, I appreciate your creativity, ‘ but also the inspiration. There were so many blogs to chose from the decision was a difficult one to come by.  SO the blogs that I want to nominate (Hey, I appreciate your creativity) are:



I decided to participate in this G2K (graciously hosted by ROE) and even though it will be a longer than usual read I think it will be good for me. Good for me? Yes, this was or still is a contributing factor to my anxiety. You’ll see what I mean.




The shaming of an Ex P.O.:

  1. Do you have any known enemies/frienemies?
    Yes, in fact, it can reach nationwide and even overseas when the weather of circumstance is right. Why the long reach? Read on.
  2. How long has this feud been going on?
    About a year now. And the backstabbing and venomous women still lurk with forked tongues.
  3. What is the reason behind this failed relationship?
    The feud isn’t something I started but rather a situation of circumstance. When my husband decided to leave a motorcycle club the rules of friendship changed. I was now 86ed from everything.  I don’t make the rules but it’s the nature of the beast. I supported my husband’s decision just as I did when he decided to join. The few women that said that we could continue friendships didn’t realize that it would be difficult to maintain and now join in talking about me behind my back. Worse, they’ll invite me out for coffee just to see how bad I’m doing. So now, I just don’t go to the invites and focus on my family. Before you jump to thoughts of Sons of Anarchy…it’s nothing like what you see on TV nor do I talk about what happens. That’s my rule.
  4. Will this mend itself with time or will it require work?
    No, the relationship cannot mend itself as it isn’t our rules we are living by. I’m an outsider that cannot look in. Truth is, I don’t want to. I’ve passed on my wisdom and advice to the younger ones and hope that they too understand what true support and unconditional love means. Unfortunately, even though the brothers preached it, it wasn’t shown for my husband.
  5. Are you willing to put in the effort to save this relationship or just drop the feud? Why or why not?
    Actually I can’t but in reality, how could I? Knowing now what they think and say about me, why would I? I went into this with my husband knowing full well what it could be like. What I didn’t expect was the browbeating, ranking system (There isn’t one with women because it’s not our club. They just didn’t seem to realize that), and a lot of two-faced situations. You never know when you’re being recorded, watched, or tattled on and I became a paranoid person. I hated going to functions, worrying about what could happen if I spoke out of turn or be ridiculed because I wore too much of a certain color. Why would I want to be around those women ever again?

I’m actually ok with the rules of being on the outs. One positive approach I see in it is that it has shown me what true friendship is. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there, not with those women. The club preached a philosophy of family and supporting one another but had no concept (even after my failed suicide attempt). Why try to be with people who don’t see it as what they speak of? Him leaving is a shame that they try to make me feel. It’s not my shame to feel and really it isn’t his either. It’s them that failed at being brothers and sisters.

Friday Funday Challenge

Friday Funday ChallengeGame On – You Name It!

First, I’m going to apologize for being so late on this but I’m glad that I got it out on a Friday (even though a week late). I have a lot more that I will be catching up on this weekend which is perfect because it’s going to be in the 100°s this weekend.

I didn’t want to let Kristian down by not completing this. Thank you for nominating me to participate in this (a week overdue but on a Friday at least). With the doctor telling me to do things that help me not focus on stress I chose to do this. So, thank you again Kristian (it helps more than you realize).

So here goes.

The Rules (because there are always rules, but these are simple)

  1. Thank the nominator
  2. Answer the 20 Questions
  3. Nominate two bloggers of your choice and notify them.
  4. Delete two of the questions in the list between 1 – 19 and insert two of your own.


  1. Your favorite color?
    Blue…or black. It depends because I like all colors.
  2. If you could have 1 super power what would it be?
    My superpower, I guess it would have to be able to accomplish all the goals that I set. To continue to grow into a person that I could be proud of.
  3. What is the one thing you wish you were great at?
    I wish I was a better writer.
  4. Dinner with anyone in History who would it be?
    Jesse James. I want to hear the real truth behind his ‘crime’ even though he was called the Robin Hood of the Wild West.
  5. List 3 things you would like to be remembered for?
    -Being an inspiration to other women

    -To be a published Author with at least one successful book.
    -To bring writers and artists together to collaborate on one successful continuing story.
  6. What do you think people misunderstand about you?
    I can look a little mean but I’m approachable (for the most part).
  7. Your main strength?
    My main strength (as of right now) are my gut instincts.
  8. What passions do you have?
    These seem to change as my goals and hobbies grow. First, my family, then painting and writing. Oh, and a little gardening.
  9. Name 3 pieces of music you love?
    – Praying-Kesha (Lyrics can stand alone but her voice, you can feel her pain and strength.)
    – Take Me to Church-Hozier
    – Someday Never- Comes-Creedence Clearwater Revival
  10. 5 weird things you like?
    *All things 80’s
    – Basically the nostalgia of a time I grew up in.
    *Podcasts– Particularly the horror genre or crime
    *I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
    *Black and white movies– The acting, lighting, and the overall production is much more appreciated. These films paved the way for today’s movie productions.
    *Horror– I LOVE horror. Movies, music scores, haunted houses, the occult, gory history…all that stuff.
  11. How important is education?
    I believe in education but not just from books but also from street smarts and common sense. When a person has both they can do and achieve anything.
  12. Your favorite childhood book?
    Anything by R. L. Stine
  13. Your hidden talent?
    Hmm…I can overthink a situation at the speed of light.
  14. An image that makes you happy?
    My kids being there for each other.
  15. Bullet-point your day so far.
    *Woke up
    *Dressed for work
    *Planned my meals
    *Wrote my 6-word story
    *Painted a popsicle
    *Doodled a popsicle
    *Cooked breakfast
    *Did the breakfast dishes
    *Killed a mouse
    *Watered the garden
    *Packed my lunch
    *Made my coffee
    *Made it to work by 6am
    *Worked a little
    *Posted my doodle(s)wash
    *Posted my painting to IG
    *Worked a little more
    *Told some to go away so I could work
    *Posted Fenton Friday
    *Worked a little more
    *Read some blogs
    *checked my doodlewash account
    *A little work
    *Answering these questions
  16. Place you would most like to holiday in?
    I would give ANYTHING to be able to go to Ireland with my family. We are on such a tight budget that our vacations are to the park or free zoo.
  17. What do you feel is your spirit animal?
    Spirit animal would have to be an Owl. They have so much lore around them but I would have to say it’s because they seem to have a fire in their eyes and their movements are with such passion.
  18. If you could go back in time and change one thing in history, what would it be?
    There would be so many things I would change. Umm…Christian wars. So many people were slaughtered that a lot of our own history has been erased. The only stories we have left are told by the victors.I just realized that there aren’t 20 questions. So here are my two (I’ll answer them) making it 20.
  19. What is your go-to rainy day activity?
    Writing or sleeping but during dark storms, it’s a horror moviethon.
  20. What is your favorite board game?

My two nominees are (I just realized how intimidating this is):

The Ministry of Shrawley Walks

Have fun.

How to cope with online hate! — Elsie LMC

I came across this and thought I would pass this along. It could help with both online and physical situations. Mainly understanding you are not alone. I miss the days of people having moral couth (please, by all means, look up that word) and respect for one another. I appreciate free speech but some people filled with entitlement will take their unnecessary commentary that ends up leaving a bruise on our psyche. The internet has allowed this to become easier and unfortunately, it is bleeding into the physical world. Think twice before making a comment or even judging someone that you see.

Hi everyone! How is your week going? ❤ Today I thought I would share a post with you about how to cope with online hate (mainly blogwise but it might help anyone really, fingers crossed anyway!). I was motivated by my sister to do this who helped me through the first bit of hate I […]

via How to cope with online hate! — Elsie LMC

Liebster Award

I’m being a little rebel here at work and thought now would be as good of a time as any to complete the Liebster Award nomination from Walk the Goats (PSST…THANK YOU). Guys, stop over at the blog and read. The writer’s take on life, Shakespeare and other things is a breath of fresh air. *Side Note* I have tried linking to the Global Aussie for the award origins but the link doesn’t want to connect.Just a heads up. OK, you know the drill…



  1. Thank the person who nominated you; include a link to their blog
  2. Display the Liebster Award logo** on your blog.
  3. Answer the questions given to you
  4. Nominate 5–11 blogs you want to help others discover
  5. Link to the nominees’ pages to let them know they were nominated
  6. Give the nominees 11 new questions they’re to answer
  7. List these rules in your post

Optional but Often Included

  1. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
  2. Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting

My Q & A

  1. What’s something you’ve done that makes you feel proud?
    Raising my kids. No matter how much they try me (believe me they do) they are my greatest accomplishments.
  2. What are you thinking, right now?
    I’m thinking I want to go home because I have a great idea to build on a short story for a novella. Damn the evilness of being an adult!
  3. What’s the largest body of water you’ve ever stood next to?
    Gulf of Mexico
  4. If you knew you would be struck dead six months from today, how would you live until then? Assume all practical stuff has been handled.
    Hmm…am I to be good or evil? A little both: Take the kids on a 5 month around the world vacation. On the 6th month spend my days with my family and become the hand of Karma by night.
  5. Where’s your favorite place to go or favorite thing to do to recharge?
    My favorite thing to do to recharge is literally sleeping.
  6. If you decided to rename your blog, what would you rename it?
    Hmm…I don’t think I could. I love the name. Umm…
  7. When you want comfort food, what do you eat?
    Oh, that’s easy. I make my grandmother’s recipe for fried chicken. There is just something about frying up her chicken recipe that makes like all better again.
  8. Do you have a preference for summer activities or winter activities?
    I would say neither 🙂 I don’t care for the outdoors but if I had to pick summer. But not actual summer more like the weather between spring and summer or summer and fall.
  9. Do you have any special talents you consider unusual? Or that people “know” you for? If so, what?
    Nope, no special talents unless you count sarcasm.
  10. If you were to paint your bedroom a new color, what color would you pick?
    I already repainted my room. It was a gaudy pink-red color. Couldn’t classify it as maroon, red, purple…trust me it was bad. I chose two neutral grey tones.
  11. Of the 10 previous questions, which was the most fun to answer?
    The comfort food one…I LOVE food 🙂

My Noms (remember you are not obliged to participate but if so, have some fun)

  1. Just_Me:) at happymesshappiness
  2. T. Shaw
  3. Emotional Notions
  4. Lawrence Illoc
  5. Nadya Irsalina

Q & A for Noms

  1. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
  2. Do you believe in second chances?
  3. When was the last time you lied? Why?
  4. What big lesson could someone learn from your life?
  5. What fictional place would you most like to go?
  6. Are you usually early or late?
  7. What age do you wish you could permanently be?
  8. What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?
  9. If you could change your name, what would it be?
  10. Do you believe in Karma or in doing good?
  11. How are you doing today?

Ok, have fun 🙂

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

I would like to thank Kristian for nominating me. I hope you guys have enjoyed the quotes and add them to your arsenal.  I know I’m supposed to nominate three new bloggers a day but decided on one a day.

The rules are simple:

1. Thank the person who nominates you
2. Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days
3. Nominate three new bloggers each day

I nominate:

Mamma Squirrel

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Kristian. He is a blogger that I have appreciated reading over time. Reading as he explores styles and genre is always inspirational. Take a look, you may find something that’ll inspire you.






  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog on your blog.
  2. Display and link to the award on your blog.
  3. Answer the questions given to you.
  4. Create more questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting.
  6. Provide 10 random facts about yourself. (optional)-opted out due to another award
  7. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel would enjoy blogging about this award.
  8. List these rules in your post
  9. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated

Questions for me to answer:

  1. How did you decide on the name for your blog?
    I wanted to express that even though I C-PTSD I can still be me, creative.
  2. Are you a morning person or an evening person?
    I think I’m more of a ‘lunch’ person. I’m not fully awake when my alarm goes off and I’m usually asleep by 8pm. 
  3. If you could win a lifetime supply of something (not cash) what would it be?
    I would want a lifetime supply of being able to write. I hope that I am able to write until the end.
  4. What is your favorite Genre of books to read?
    My favorite genre of book is horror.
  5. What weird food combination do you like?
    The weirdest food combination that I love (and is my midnight go to snack) are peanut butter and onion foldover sandwiches.
  6. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
    Oh, definitely anything by Tex Avery!
  7. What would your funeral song be?
    Fairytale of New York-It was played at my grandmother’s and father’s wakes.
  8. Name a song you like from the year you were born.
    Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
  9. If you could attend a famous event in history which would it be?
    Battle of the Alamo (Just to see if my Texas History Class was spot on or some of it was boasted with Southern pride.)
  10. What Christmas present have you never received but wish you had?
    Monchhichi Dolls-My mother said it was a waste of money.

My Questions for the Nominees (I’m probably supposed to come up with more but I think 5 is good):

  1. Do you prefer J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit books or movies?
  2. Do you eat or skip breakfast?
  3. How do you express gratitude?
  4. Do you kill bugs or take them outside?
  5. What’s the oddest job you ever held?

Oh yeah, Nominees

  1. heywritergrrl
  2. StuHN
  3. Walk the Goats

Remember you do not have to participate but if you do, have fun.

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

I would like to thank Kristian for nominating me. Get a chance click and read some of his short stories. I’m enjoying his take on mysteries. You never know when you need to be witty. I know I’m supposed to nominate three new bloggers a day but decided on one a day.

The rules are simple:

1. Thank the person who nominates you
2. Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days
3. Nominate three new bloggers each day

Today I nominate:

Iain Kelly

Liebster Award

EEK, super excited to be catching up on my awards. Unfortunately, there were some for the Sunshine Blogger Award and the Mystery Blogger award with links that didn’t work so I couldn’t answer the questions or nominate. I was nominated by StuHN. The serial piece that is being written for the #AtoZ Blogging challenge is brilliant! Please head on over and read his work. You will not be disappointed. So, on with the show.


1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award logo.
2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger sets for you.
3. Nominate blogs that you think are deserving of the award.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let your nominees know about their nomination!

My Questions to answer:

  1. If you could write in any writers voice besides your own, whose would it be?
    Hmm…any writers voice? I would have to choose that from the point of view of the character. Dialogue is not my strong suit and I’m trying and failing it seems.
  2. What literary genre holds NO interest for you?
    Non-fiction Religious-I’ve been raised in the bible belt. I’ve heard and lived enough for a lifetime. I’m more spiritual in the ways that my grandmother taught me.
  3. What song with a strong narrative still touches you?
    Praying by Kesha. I got emotional the first time I heard it and still get choked up. This speaks to me in more ways than one (thank you for this question).
  4. What fictional character do you wish you were?
    Chesire Cat- That clever feline is able to adapt to any situation for survival.
  5. Savory or Sweet?
    Both? OK, not fair umm savory. I enjoy sweet but put some seasoned pecans in front of me and there won’t be any left for anyone else.
  6. What are “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of?”
    Dreams are made of determination, gumption, and humility. All of those are needed to reach your goals.
  7. You stumble upon a magic rock. Picking it up, you discover something underneath. What is it?
    The answer to all my family’s secrets. Every answer ever wanted that they took to the grave with them. Their history and past is also mine. 
  8. Have you had an inexplicable experience? What was it?
    I guess some of my stories start with a scene that I see in my mind’s eye. Then my hands can’t stop writing the story behind a scene I have never seen before.
  9. What fiction book would you recommend to me?
    I think it would have to be Cinder. Yes, it’s a young adult fiction but the take on an old fairy-tale I thoroughly enjoyed.
  10. What movie or TV show do you love but hate to admit it?
    Love but hate to admit. It’s no longer running but it would have to be the Torkelson’s. 
  11. What does writing mean to you? (yes, I’m stealing it from Shari. Deal).
    For me, writing means that I’m alive. I’m healing. I’m striving towards a daily goal. It keeps me from giving up.

My questions to be answered:

  1. What was your monster under the bed or in the closet growing up?
  2. What is one thing you wish you could make right?
  3. What fairy tale would you like to see made into a movie?
  4. Would you rather swim in a lake or ocean?
  5. If you could change one thing about mainstream media, what would it be?
  6. Do you have a green thumb?
  7. What would you bring to a birthday party for someone you didn’t know?
  8. What is your favorite time of day?
  9. What is your favorite black and white movie?
  10. How do you define good character?
  11. What movie made you unexpectedly cry?

My Nominees

Froggy Crochet
Swerve Strikes Back

Remeber you are not obligated to participate but if you do, have some fun.

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