6 Word Story: 10/2

I woke up a little earlier than normal so I can write and draw. Unfortunately, I only have time for one since I forced myself to get on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Tonight I think the family will survive and can fend for themselves. I already have a vision in mind of what I would like to draw but it’s the execution I’m intimidated by. What is today’s prompt to you?

Prompt: Tranquil

Create what you need for peace.



October 6 Word Prompts

1-poisonous 2-tranquil 3-roasted 4-spell 5- chicken 6-drooling 7-exhausted 8-star 9-precious 10 -flowing 11-cruel 12-whale 13-guarded 14-clock 15-weak 16-angular 17-swollen 18-bottle 19-scorched 20-breakable 21-drain 22-expensive 23-muddy 24-chop 25-prickly 26-stretch 27-thunder 28-gift 29-double 30-jolt 31- sliceAs you may know, I have been trying to convince myself that it will be a great opportunity to participate in Inktober. This is where you draw with ink. You can either choose to follow the prompt list or make your own up. I’m doing a little bit of both and will post here in a little bit about it. I thought since that I’m already following one prompt list, why not follow the same for my 6-word stories?


Prompt: Poisonous

Thoughts can be healing or cancerous.

Ending September 6 Word Story 9/29-9/30

This weekend was both fun and mentally tiring. I took a mental health day to myself and called in a vacation day. I think they can do without me for a day. If not there are other people there that can do a quick graphic. Today is October 1st and also the beginning of Inktober and weekend road trips to haunted locations this month (or so I planned). Let’s start with catching on my last two 6 word stories for Septemeber. Stayed tuned for October’s 6 Words, list, and Inktober beginnings. Happy Monday everyone.

Prompt 9/29: Flower

Caution! Poisonous petals still hold beauty.

Prompt 9/30: Grind

Don't let society widdle your spirit.

6 Word Story: 9/27

October is around the corner and I can’t wait. I did my weigh in, walked for 15 minutes, packed my lunch and going to firmly believe it will be a good day. That will more than likely change but it gives me a chance to adapt to change and learn.

Prompt: Learn

Be open to learning without fear.

6 Word Story: 9/26

I’m seriously thinking about taking a half day at work and catch up on what needs my attention here at the house. My luck, I’ll get swamped at work and will barely get to eat lunch. Going to start with my story, breakfast, and hope that today goes well.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Prompt: Sand

Create the pearl that other's cannot.

6 Word Story: 9/19

After 2 years, I was approached by my hiring manager and was told that I would finally be able to do social media for the company. That’s why they hired me! It took them this long to figure out that the company needs some sort of online presence other than an outdated website that I’m not allowed to touch either. I’m super happy don’t get me wrong but why the change of heart? Was it the search history on my computer and my applying to other job activities?

Tomorrow is weigh in day but I have made a commitment to either write tonight or paint. The coin toss will happen after I cook dinner.

Prompt: Concern

Let go of what causes anxiety.


6 Word Story: 9/17

I understand that people need to work to make a living. Unfortunately, here in the states that really doesn’t afford us any downtime when sick and unless we have vacation days to take we take a hit on payday.  Our janitor came to work sick 3 days in a row…he touches EVERYTHING and now 3 other people and myself have the stomach flu. I have vacation days that I’m now forced to use so I can pay bills rather than actually using it for something let’s say more relaxing. I wish we at least got sick days but the company I work for isn’t compassionate like that.

Prompt: Remove

Abolish self-doubt and be yourself.

6 Word Stories: Declutter 9/15-9/16

As many of you may know this has been the week from hell for me. Yesterday, I ran around running errands and when I got home I didn’t feel relaxed or at ease. Isn’t home supposed to be a place where a person can go to relax? I looked around and decided that it was time to declutter my living room and back area where my treadmill is sitting. I purchased simple cube organizers that placed the important items on top (my owl knick-knacks) and inside I hid shoes and other eyesores that didn’t have a proper place. Everything else…tossed in the trash. Items that I haven’t touched in years or that didn’t serve a purpose anymore.

This morning I woke up feeling at ease and enjoyed a cup of coffee. My family and I went to breakfast, my husband offered to do laundry so I can write and make applesauce. When he’s done we are going to the local hardware store and purchase items for a firepit that I have been desperately wanting along with something to kill mosquitos. I tried the home remedies and nothing is helping so now it’s full-on chemical warfare. Before I wage war I’m going to catch up on my stories. Then the rest of the day I’m going to do things that I enjoy…maybe even some painting.

9/15: Introduce

Open doors and learn new things.

9/16: Wake

Keep vigil over your own heart.

6 Word Story: 9/13

Today is my daughter’s birthday, I failed the weigh-in (by my standards), walked on the treadmill, and REFUSE to let anyone make me feel inferior. In fact, I just finished an order request with art that took 6 hours to complete and another woman took credit for it as she was staring at MY computer screen. I could’ve blown up at the person in front of everyone but instead I just casually added to the conversation that it took 6 hours to draw. Sharp looks were thrown at the woman by other but I’m ok with that too. Yes, I’m busy here at work and hit the ground running this morning. I’m just now getting to my 6-words. I have learned over the years that’s it’s ok to burn a bridge that I built.

Prompt: Bridge

It's your bridge, matches, and choice.

6 Word Story: 9/10

I’m not feeling too inspired but I know because of the exhaustion that I’m feeling. I looked the word up for a definition and it can either mean boring or it could mean earthly rather than heavenly. That reminded me of the Mortal Instrument series (read them all) and that often humans that didn’t have supernatural capabilities or shapeshifters were known to me mundanes. Now I want to write a shapeshifting story…ugh!

Prompt: Mundane

Break everyday standards and be authentic. 

6 Word Story: 9/3

First, I got the dog from his formal owner. I messaged the night before pickup that ALL arrangements had been made and that I would pick up the baby in the morning (Saturday). My family and I enjoyed a breakfast together at the local diner before I headed off for 5 hours of driving. I called to inform the person that I was on the way and learned that she was actually out of town 4 hours away, since the night before. Who has the dog? I started to worry and prepared to get the local authorities involved with the proof through texts that she was surrendering the dog to me. I asked her if her in-laws were home (they live with her husband’s parents) and apparently they weren’t home to let me in. After me trying to talk sensibly she finally agreed to get a hold of her in-laws and have them let me in to get the dog.

After what I saw, I should have gotten him a year earlier or better yet never let him go to these people. What is it they say? ‘Hindsight is 20/20? He doesn’t know how to play with toys, has kennel sores, and is triggered/overwhelmed by A LOT. Before I got him by my estimation he was in that kennel (in the basement) for over 24 hours. I know why the owner didn’t want to be present because she knew I would have put hands on her. But he’s at his foster mom’s house and I will be updated on how he did through the night later today. Now to the prompt.

Today’s prompt was actually used as a reference of measurement from my grandmother that could have meant as little as a teaspoon or as much as a gallon. Replicating some of her recipes is a LOT of trial and error.

Prompt: Scant

Insufficient drama allows more positive thoughts.

6 Word Story: 9/2

I have a LONG day ahead of me. I need to go a town over and rescue the puppers from what I now believe to be an abusive situation then drive another 2 hours to his new foster home. If it means saving this dog’s life then I would probably drive to the ends of the world. He’s, how do I put it? He’s a grand-fur-baby. My baby is his mommy.

Today’s prompt couldn’t resonate more with me. I feel immense guilt for allowing this innocent pup to be treated and live like this.

Prompt: Immense

Keep an everlasting wonder and learn.


6 Word Story: 9/1

I think today’s prompt is fitting for the situation that fell into my lap. One of my Clover’s pups bit a person. It started with a phone call because the person felt bad because of the ultimatum that was handed to her but with good reason. After the dog bit the person, she was told by the people she was living with to get rid of him or put him down. Listening to the situation it sounded more of an abusive situation the poor dog was in and now acts out of fear and anxiety. She had gone away to school and left the dog in the care of her husband. He rides in an MC and I’m not sure what situations he put this dog through. Point being, he was great when she was home but when she left her husband obviously did something or allowed some type of abuse to happen. The owner then tells me that if it’s possible for me to find him a new home or he’ll be put to sleep on Tuesday. Hours of calling and messaging people later I found him a foster home that is aware of the situation, aggressiveness, and has experience with abused dogs and giving them a second chance. I’m mad at myself because I trusted that she was going to get a home that he deserved. I should have known better.

Prompt: Unadvised

Hastiness can bring about poor decisions.

6 Word Story: 8/31

Last day of August…ALREADY. The entire month has been trying to say the least. My son stole (still grounded), had a birthday, found out I was going to be a grandmother, researching and learning Asatru, still dieting, storms ( that are going to last into Septemeber) and a daughter getting her license. So, I’m going to try this prompt and get words together for next month. I remember my grandmother telling me something similar to today’s 6-word story. Basically, don’t be someone’s punching bag. I just didn’t understand until later in life that also meant mentally. Happy Friday!

Prompt: Doll

Never be someone's 'Dammit Doll'.

6 Word Story: 8/21

Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed was something that I wasn’t this morning. I was dragging my butt to get out of bed. I had a horrible stomach bug last night and I was wiped out. And now with the poor air quality due to the wildfires in Canada, I’m exhausted. Today’s prompt was difficult. I thought about all the times that I had given up because of one thing or another. Now, I know that every morning is a chance to start again. Failure happens when we stop trying.

Prompt Word: Wide-Eyed


Mornings are chances to start again.


6 Word Story: 8/18

I would have to admit that I am a very pushy person. I push myself to try new things, make goals and reach them. I push my girls to work hard in school, have empathy, and be good people. I also push people away. The ones that hurt me or abandoned me only to return when they need something. It has taken me a long time to understand that I’m a push person both positive and negative.

Prompt: Pushy

Never be ashamed of your ambition.

6 Word Story: 8/17

I think today’s prompt is something that people give with the best of intentions and others will seek the best advice from trusted people. I tend to do both. Unfortunately, I see from other views and try to give the most appropriate but people really don’t care to see things from another view. I hope that encouragement can be found in some advice I give to help the other individual and other times I hope it helps keep the person safe. There are different degrees of advice but always try to be positive with words and not condescending. Or worse, advice that could cause more harm than good.

Prompt: Advice

Guidance isn't always warranted but needed.

6 Word Story: 8/14

Today’s prompt was a great way for me to reminisce about things and people I use to cling to but also the ones that I just let go. Sometimes the decisions weren’t always right and it has taken me a long time to get right with a lot from my past. Most, self-induced.

Prompt: Cling

Right or wrong; hang onto conviction.

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