6 Word Story: 10/12

I’m sneaking a moment away to write my 6-word story. The house wasn’t a conducive creative writing environment and my husband is still not understanding that I need my ‘me’ time. I’m not that busy here at work so I can write this quick but it breaks my heart that I can’t even sneak away and draw.

The mutant whale destroyed the laboratory.

6 Word Story: 10/10

Yesterday was an off day. New moon? Teen stress? Hell of a storm that was blowing in? Who knows but it brought a migraine that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Ok, maybe my absolute worse but you get the idea. Dreading weigh-in tomorrow to the point I don’t even want to attempt to get on the scale. Let’s just start with the 6-words and hope for the best to come. It’s getting to be really tiring trying to be positive.

Prompt: Flowing

Her wand streamed magic and Netflix.

6 Word Story: 10/9

I have come to the conclusion that I’m literally going to have to take a mini-vacation, leave the town, barricade myself in a room with room service so I can draw. I managed to finish 3 drawings and add 2 inkings to the larger project but it took me 6 hours. I went to bed exhausted only to have a husband with back spasms refusing to take his meds because they make him sleepy. They make him sleepy at bedtime?! At the end of our conversation, he decided that it would be wise to get up and take his meds. Cleaning my coffee pot now, packed my art supplies up to take to work with me so I can work on it during lunch and breaks, got dinner pulled out and planned so hopefully tonight I’ll get everything done.

Prompt: Precious

A witches most cherished item; grimoire. 

6 Word Story: 10/7-8

As a mom, I can attest to the fact that it’s exhausting making holiday childhood memories for your kids. But it’s worse when you’re trying to make it special but they don’t want to really participate unless it involves money or food. I think next year I may not have to go all out with lights and pumpkin carving but it is kind of surreal realizing that they are growing up and there is nothing I can do about it. Here are my story catch-ups and hopefully tonight I will have all my sketches done provided I get dinner done, kid to work, kid to sports practice, and a kid to do his homework.

Prompt 10/7: Exhausted

Bigfoot tired trying to make friends. 

Prompt 10/8: Star

'That star grants curses through wishes.'

6 Word Story: 10/5

Last night could have used some improvement but having a teenager that thinks she knows EVERYTHING is tiring. So tiring in fact that I fell asleep at 7pm. Then this morning my husband woke up to back spasms and since he doesn’t want to listen to me…I’m going to start getting ready for work and write. I know I’m behind by a day on my Inktober drawings but plan on ignoring everything around here and getting in the drawing zone.

Today’s post…I laughed trying to make it scary or Halloweenish. It just didn’t work.

Prompt: Chicken

Chop. The poultry ran witnessing beheadings.



6 Word Story: 10/2

I woke up a little earlier than normal so I can write and draw. Unfortunately, I only have time for one since I forced myself to get on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Tonight I think the family will survive and can fend for themselves. I already have a vision in mind of what I would like to draw but it’s the execution I’m intimidated by. What is today’s prompt to you?

Prompt: Tranquil

Create what you need for peace.



Ending September 6 Word Story 9/29-9/30

This weekend was both fun and mentally tiring. I took a mental health day to myself and called in a vacation day. I think they can do without me for a day. If not there are other people there that can do a quick graphic. Today is October 1st and also the beginning of Inktober and weekend road trips to haunted locations this month (or so I planned). Let’s start with catching on my last two 6 word stories for Septemeber. Stayed tuned for October’s 6 Words, list, and Inktober beginnings. Happy Monday everyone.

Prompt 9/29: Flower

Caution! Poisonous petals still hold beauty.

Prompt 9/30: Grind

Don't let society widdle your spirit.

6 Word Story: 9/21

My son kept me up last night for no real reason other than I took his tablet from him and he thought he was going to be sneaky and try to get it. Lack of sleep kind of killed my motivation to get on the treadmill this morning. In fact, I’m running so behind this morning I’m really not caring if I’m late for work. My friend that texted yesterday about her depression was doing so much better later in the day. She told me that she liked to draw and I got her a pad and micron pens so she can get back into her doodling. I explained to her that is can help and I realized that I need to get back into it myself. I have no plans this weekend other than battling the mosquito population with chemical warfare.

Today’s prompt seems like something that is hard to find or is manipulated for people’s own personal agenda but I’m going to try and keep it positive.

Prompt: Tangible

Your goals are proof of hope.

6 Word Story: 9/20

Yesterday was a huge FAIL but this morning I woke up deciding that I won’t let that bother me today. I think what pushed me was a friend reaching out this morning and telling me that she feels like her battle with depression is getting the best of her. I’m glad she reached out and wished more people would. It helped put things in perspective for me and I hope that opening up helps her. If someone reaches out to you, listen. Oh…ugh weigh in day today.

Prompt: Incandescent

Be the radiance your soul needs.

6 Word Story: 9/17

I woke up this morning with a renewed feeling. Walking on the treadmill was relaxing as I looked around at my decluttered living room. So relaxed in fact that I lost track of time and was late to work. I have had these many times in my life and during those moments I didn’t take the arguments as learning experiences. Looking back, I believe that they have helped me grow as a person in some way.

Prompt: Quarrel

Embrace controversies to learn other perspectives.


6 Word Stories: Declutter 9/15-9/16

As many of you may know this has been the week from hell for me. Yesterday, I ran around running errands and when I got home I didn’t feel relaxed or at ease. Isn’t home supposed to be a place where a person can go to relax? I looked around and decided that it was time to declutter my living room and back area where my treadmill is sitting. I purchased simple cube organizers that placed the important items on top (my owl knick-knacks) and inside I hid shoes and other eyesores that didn’t have a proper place. Everything else…tossed in the trash. Items that I haven’t touched in years or that didn’t serve a purpose anymore.

This morning I woke up feeling at ease and enjoyed a cup of coffee. My family and I went to breakfast, my husband offered to do laundry so I can write and make applesauce. When he’s done we are going to the local hardware store and purchase items for a firepit that I have been desperately wanting along with something to kill mosquitos. I tried the home remedies and nothing is helping so now it’s full-on chemical warfare. Before I wage war I’m going to catch up on my stories. Then the rest of the day I’m going to do things that I enjoy…maybe even some painting.

9/15: Introduce

Open doors and learn new things.

9/16: Wake

Keep vigil over your own heart.

6 Word Story: 9/12

I’m not enjoying this new Gutenberg template for writing.

After yesterday, I decided to apply to several jobs and received a callback. Yes, it’s from an employer out of town but a commute is better than staying here in a toxic work environment. I know I gained weight (checked the scale even though weigh in is tomorrow) and combine that with my coworkers-I’m feeling not myself. Let’s try the 6 words. Prompt: Animated  Be animated instead of stagnating stillness.

6 Word Story: 9/11

Today is awful all around. 

Ever feel like a fuck up first thing in the morning? No sooner I walked in the door this morning, my supervisor jumped all over me because I screwed up an order yesterday. Here’s the deal, I can own my mistakes and normally don’t get upset but this…this was uncalled for. She and 2 other women were talking about what a ‘dumbass’ I was and that one needs to double check my work. What they ALL didn’t realize is that I had walked in and overheard the ENTIRE conversation that was taking place. Not only did I feel anger but betrayed by someone who I have taken up for several times. Instead of letting me learn from my mistake it was an experience that doesn’t make me want to try laying tables up ever again! Now I’m a blubbering mess that wants to punch something…HARD. Instead, I’m going to try today’s prompt. I think the prompt word is very fitting.

Prompt: Maddening

Don’t go mad over aggravating people.

6 Word Story: 9/10

I’m not feeling too inspired but I know because of the exhaustion that I’m feeling. I looked the word up for a definition and it can either mean boring or it could mean earthly rather than heavenly. That reminded me of the Mortal Instrument series (read them all) and that often humans that didn’t have supernatural capabilities or shapeshifters were known to me mundanes. Now I want to write a shapeshifting story…ugh!

Prompt: Mundane

Break everyday standards and be authentic. 

6 Word Story: 9/7

Trying to be positive is so difficult with everything happening around me. Bad news coming from both directions then add stress makes it difficult. I did jump on the scale again and it said that I gained 3 more pounds. My rings are tight on my finger then I realized that it’s water weight. So, cut back on the salt and drink more water. That’s my main goal this week.

Prompt: Plausible

Dreams are plausible if you believe.



6 Word Story: 9/6

I’m frustrated to no end and ready to throw my hands up and just eat and be lazy. But that’s for a different post. Today’s prompt is something I feel that I have done or been my ENTIRE life. I much rather stand up against others, go against the grain, and at times-rise to the occasion of an argument.

Prompt: Rebel

Rebel against your own self-doubt.

6 Word Story: 9/3

First, I got the dog from his formal owner. I messaged the night before pickup that ALL arrangements had been made and that I would pick up the baby in the morning (Saturday). My family and I enjoyed a breakfast together at the local diner before I headed off for 5 hours of driving. I called to inform the person that I was on the way and learned that she was actually out of town 4 hours away, since the night before. Who has the dog? I started to worry and prepared to get the local authorities involved with the proof through texts that she was surrendering the dog to me. I asked her if her in-laws were home (they live with her husband’s parents) and apparently they weren’t home to let me in. After me trying to talk sensibly she finally agreed to get a hold of her in-laws and have them let me in to get the dog.

After what I saw, I should have gotten him a year earlier or better yet never let him go to these people. What is it they say? ‘Hindsight is 20/20? He doesn’t know how to play with toys, has kennel sores, and is triggered/overwhelmed by A LOT. Before I got him by my estimation he was in that kennel (in the basement) for over 24 hours. I know why the owner didn’t want to be present because she knew I would have put hands on her. But he’s at his foster mom’s house and I will be updated on how he did through the night later today. Now to the prompt.

Today’s prompt was actually used as a reference of measurement from my grandmother that could have meant as little as a teaspoon or as much as a gallon. Replicating some of her recipes is a LOT of trial and error.

Prompt: Scant

Insufficient drama allows more positive thoughts.

6 Word Story: 9/1

I think today’s prompt is fitting for the situation that fell into my lap. One of my Clover’s pups bit a person. It started with a phone call because the person felt bad because of the ultimatum that was handed to her but with good reason. After the dog bit the person, she was told by the people she was living with to get rid of him or put him down. Listening to the situation it sounded more of an abusive situation the poor dog was in and now acts out of fear and anxiety. She had gone away to school and left the dog in the care of her husband. He rides in an MC and I’m not sure what situations he put this dog through. Point being, he was great when she was home but when she left her husband obviously did something or allowed some type of abuse to happen. The owner then tells me that if it’s possible for me to find him a new home or he’ll be put to sleep on Tuesday. Hours of calling and messaging people later I found him a foster home that is aware of the situation, aggressiveness, and has experience with abused dogs and giving them a second chance. I’m mad at myself because I trusted that she was going to get a home that he deserved. I should have known better.

Prompt: Unadvised

Hastiness can bring about poor decisions.

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