6 Word Story: 8/30

Today’s prompt word can be used to refer to many things and situations. Like right now, for example, I believe that I didn’t do well on my diet this week. Pizza, cake, and bloody marys aren’t sufficient but I did love the indulging of fats, cheeses, and booze. I’m forcing myself to get back on track but I’ll post all that later.

Prompt: Belief

Always believe in your first step.

Stormy 6 Word Story Catch-Up

I had to take a break from the storms and flooding. The past two days, where I live, for two (could count as three) days we have been pelted with high winds, hail, and rain. Rain seems like such a small word but when it pours relentlessly from the sky it’s so much more than 4 letters. The day my son had his part is when we had the first storm but it didn’t last long. Monday and Tuesday proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Our tornado warnings sounded last night. The kids watched me and my reaction. Ever since I was little I knew when the bad was coming. This, this was just high winds and fast clouds. I stepped outside and I could feel in the rain and the wind that it was just that. The temperature dropped and I knew it would be ok. I kept the kids occupied by peeling taters for dinner and watching the weather channel. The basement was flooded and our roof started to leak. I have a few phone calls to make for professional clean up but everyone is ok. I’m catching up on my prompts then I’m going to hop in the canoe and head to work.

This was a tough prompt for me to do. I am always seeking justification for certain things. I learned quickly in doing this is that it’s also a feeling of finalization. I was left feeling empty or not looking forward to anything. Just because I found justification for my feelings about a matter it was final.

8/28 Prompt: Justify

Justify what's necessary; allow the unexplained.

8/29 Prompt: Curve


Living is embracing life's curvy path.

6 Word Stories: 8/25-8/26

I have stolen a few moments to sit and write these. My son’s birthday party is this afternoon and running around trying to get everything picked up, planned, and prepared was more time consuming than I thought it would be. I think the ages between 7 and 13 are the busiest parties or at least for my kids. After 13, they just want to hang out with friends after a small dinner out with the family. What am I thinking having 13 active kids in one place only to have them sugared up on top of the noise and action?

8/25: Domineering

I have experienced this I don’t know how many times in my life. Where I work this is exercised a LOT by people that hold higher positions. Now I tell them, ‘Educate me. Don’t belittle me.’ Sometimes that works in the right situations. Other times, they learn that they are actually the one that needs to be educated.

Arrogance isn't an excuse for belittlement.

I’m going to try and heed my own advice here trying to get out of this slump. No one else is going to do what I want to do and I need to stay positive with my attitude.

8/26: Diligent

Always be active in pursuing dreams.

6 Word Story: 8/24

The company has blocked ALL social media and shopping sites and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I can’t make a post at work. Believe me, I get ALL my work done and then some but luckily I have good reception in the building and unlimited data. With that being said, I grew up understanding what a cellar was before a basement only to learn that they are nearly the same. How can I make ‘cellar’ positive?

Prompt Word: Cellar

The door creaks releasing terrible secrets.

6 Word Story: 8/23

Guess who got their internet back? This gal. The company finally agreed that we needed a new router, came and installed it. 

I really can’t speak for society as a whole but I can from my point of view. From what I see, I heartbroken and scared. I know that more is being shown on the news and not so much censored as it was in the 80’s and 90’s. I think it’s just going to get worse to tell you the truth. A week ago I stopped to let kids on bikes cross through the crosswalk and no one else stopped. I literally had to get out of my car to help them across. I hope that drivers that seen me are mindful next time they are driving and come up to a crosswalk.

Prompt: Society

Be an example for younger generations.

6 Word Story: 8/22

Why in the world did I choose this word for today’s prompt? I encourage you to try a 6-word story. I was laughing more than anything trying to choose something. I needed a laugh. I’ve been treating my stomach nicely to some broths and wheat toast. I’m SO afraid of what the scale will say tomorrow.

Prompt Word: Moo

Earth's secrets are held by animals.


6 Word Story: 8/20

I tend to be the person that takes something that bothers me and brood over it. I do it more than I should and it’s just wasted energy. I worked and worked on this prompt trying to make it a positive one.

Prompt Word: Dwell

Reside in confidence and defy failure.


6 Word Story: 8/17

I think today’s prompt is something that people give with the best of intentions and others will seek the best advice from trusted people. I tend to do both. Unfortunately, I see from other views and try to give the most appropriate but people really don’t care to see things from another view. I hope that encouragement can be found in some advice I give to help the other individual and other times I hope it helps keep the person safe. There are different degrees of advice but always try to be positive with words and not condescending. Or worse, advice that could cause more harm than good.

Prompt: Advice

Guidance isn't always warranted but needed.

6 Word Story: 8/16

The fog was horrible this morning while I was walking. It made everything that was normal seem ominous and hiding something terrible. I kept having to tell myself that I’m being paranoid. That’s when I heard voices. I thought maybe I was going crazy but when I turned the lap there was a car with two people arguing outside of it-headlights on. I stopped. More like froze but realized that they hadn’t seen me. I continued walking because I have a goal but decided that I’m going to sharpen the blade on my knife tonight when I get off work. I drew a blank with this prompt.

Prompt: Laugh



6 Word Story: 8/15

I tossed and turned all night last night. Receiving news that your 18-year-old daughter is pregnant will do that to a person. While my husband wanted to kill the boy I had to be the voice of reason, ‘She is an adult and she had sex too.’ She lives in another state first with her father (when she got into trouble here) and then with her boyfriend when her dad kicked her out at 17. There are a lot of moving parts to this story so instead I’m just going to say I tossed and turned.

Everything I wanted to do yesterday came to a hault so I will be finishing my loom today and trying to plan my indoor herb garden. There are so many things to plan I don’t even know where to begin. I also need to go and get the raw milk to make cheese for the Asatru event Saturday. With such a busy list of things to do and so much distracting my head from tasks I thought I’ll just start here with today’s prompt. Today’s prompt was difficult for me but I like where it took me.

Prompt: North

You're imprisoned by your own doubt.


6 Word Story: 8/13

It’s a Monday…do you know how hard it is to be positive on a Monday? Right now, I’m positive that I don’t like Mondays. Today’s prompt word gave me a little trouble but it was fun to get my brain going on this little exercise.

Prompt: Pull

When doubt arises, pull from strength.


6 Word Story: 8/12

I use today’s prompt word like it is second nature but haven’t really thought much of the definition. I think I have even used it in a few work emails. I also think that it a word that can be used in both reassuring and threatening ways. I’m running super behind but have a lot planned for today and tomorrow. My son is even joining me in writing one of his own stories.

The more I thought about this prompt the more I realized that it has taken me a long time to even accept who I am as a person. It’s tough living up to everyone expectations and beating myself up about who I am not or what a failure I am. I’m trying to turn that around.

Prompt: Insure

Guarantee your happiness; love yourself unconditionally. 


6 Word Story: 8/10

I really wanted to just lay in bed and not walk this morning. Not really doing much in the last few days my body begged for me to become one with the bed. I walked. I could feel the prompt word on a personal level from the get-go.

Prompt: Struggle

Struggles are opportunities to understand strength.

6 Word Story: 8/9

Today I got up and walked for the first time in a few days. Every muscle in my body was telling me, ‘NOPE’ but at least I made an effort. Today is also weigh-in day but that’s a different post for later. I made it into work and decided I needed to take a moment for today’s prompt and remind myself of a few things.


6 Word Story: 8/8

I made it into work. I really don’t want to be here but couldn’t afford any more time off. So far, I’m really starting to second guess my career choice. I’ll try to doodle on my breaks and see what else happens.


Time is precious; use it wisely.


6 Word Story: 8/7

I’m up and moving. I’m forcing myself to move and get things done. I thought I would start here. Tomorrow I will return to work. Why? Simple, I have bills to pay and things to get ready for these upcoming months. I’m sure I’ll need to lay down and take breaks but for now, I’ll write my story and take a shower. The pain isn’t so bad and my jaw isn’t so swollen. That’s good. Have a great day!


Even small successes deserve applause too.

6 Word Story: 8/6

Have you ever really looked back at certain situations and thought, ‘How did I even survive that…?’ I have a LOT of those that are not to be confused with, ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ moments. I’m up this morning and trying. My jaw is still extremely sore and I have a call into the dentist. Something doesn’t feel right so we’ll see. Until then, I am posting rather late, my 6-word story.

Prompt: Resilient

Resiliency is found after a situation.


6 Word Story: 8/4-8/5

I had my tooth pulled in what I thought would be a 30-minute procedure. What no one, not even me counted on was that it would take longer. When the assistant needed to add counter pressure I immediately went into panic mode. No one has held my chin in such a way in a very long time and it caused a horrible flashback. The tooth was stubborn and apparently, my nerve path took more numbing medication than originally thought.

I’m out of bed and doing my best to catch up on my blog. I would like to thank everyone for the awesome advice and support. I will take breaks throughout the day because the more I’m upright the more the pain radiates through my jaw and into my lower ear. I never thought pain could be so distracting.

I have taken even just a 1/2 day off from work to recuperate from a barrage of verbal abuse or gaslighting from certain individuals from work. Then I’ve taken full days off to enjoy a good thunderstorm and some scary movies. What I’ve learned is that it was helpful for my mental health.


Truant from work; mental health downtime.

The very definition of today’s prompt could be a prompt in itself.


Trust, a valuable and fragile virtue.


6 Word Story: 8/3

I’m writing this with a blueberry green tea and sore legs. The Ibreuphen helped me through the night and I’m debating on whether or not just to cancel my dentist appointment. I know better and that I should go through with it but worried about how it will affect my diet. All the soft foods like mashed taters or tater soup or oatmeal are HIGH in points. We’ll see what I can live off of and what the scale says next Thursday. Oh, today is also Fenton Friday and that will be coming later today.

How often do you think about today’s prompt? Today, I’m going to lose teeth and yesterday I about lost my mind with one of the people I work with. There are all sorts of things a person can lose. I lost myself for years in an abusive relationship. I found a twist of humor. A note-my usual image generator isn’t working and I’m a little lost right now.

Prompt: Lose

264lbs lost! The divorce is finalized.

6 Word Story: 8/2

I decided on adding this prompt word to the list as it is what I think of as a versatile word. I am trying to save my more horror genre stories for October and instead decided on a life lesson learned too late. I wasted so much time on all the wrong people or events and learning what is important now. I think this is a good reminder.

Prompt: Steal

Caution: Stolen time can't be returned.


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