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One positive thing about my toxic work environment is downtime. I even got to play with this week’s twittering tales hosted by Kat. Y’all I think this is helping me find my own style and voice in writing not to mention honing my editing skills. I’m digging these short story prompts.

‘You lay down with dogs, you’ll wake with fleas,’ Sam’s mom warned. A friendship, once innocent quickly had a bad influence on Sam.
Now, just released on bail he crawled into bed.
‘OW!’ Sam pulled back the covers to find his bed swarming with fleas.
‘MOM!’ he yelled.
‘I told you!’

Character Count: 279
© Jo Creative PTSD Gal

A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 11

This morning I woke up late so things are going to be kind of short. I’m at stanza 11 of my Havamal. According to the Temple of Our Heathen Gods, stanzas 10-14 are kind of linked together. I like Chisholm’s version for this one.


A man bears no better burden,
when on the wilderness ways
than great wisdom. One can have no worse fare,
on road or field, than too much ale.

Pocket Version:

A worse provision on the way he can-
not carry than too much beer-bibbing; so
good is not, as it is said, beer for the sons
of men.

The first two lines are reminiscent of the lines from stanza 10 but the next lines are telling me that too much drink will not be as easy to carry. It also dulls the senses of being cautious, aware, and keeping your wits about you. I’m a social drinker meaning even at Sumbels or fires with the Kindred I only have a glass of mead outside of drinking from the horn. Whereas others are not in the same mind frame and that’s ok too. Another stanza reminding me to keep cautious, aware, and wits about.

A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 10

I have to say yesterday was an ‘I’m going to smack the kid for acting entitled’ sort of day. I was able to control my emotions and just do my job. I still wanted to smack him though. With that being said during the Kindred’s book club meeting we were talking about traits of a heathen and being able to control your own emotions. That is something I’m definitely going to have to work on as my facial expressions are a dead give away. Here we are Stanza 10 still in the hospitality section of the Havamal. I’m going to change things up a bit and use Terry’s translation thanks to the Temple of Our Heathen Gods. It just seems easier for me to read.

If a man takes with him a mind full of sense
he can carry nothing better;
riches like this on a stranger’s road
will do more good than gold.

My Pocket Havamal Translation:
A better burden no man bears on the
road than much good sense; that is thought
better than riches in a strange place; such is
the recourse of the indigent.

What better thing to have with you is Wisdom? When you’re packing for a long trip or preparing yourself to even go out to the grocery store you are already preparing with the wisdom you have without even knowing it. The grocery list or umbrella because it’s going to rain later. Or how about an emergency kit in the car that includes blanket and salt because the state you’re traveling to is expecting snow? Or what about when you are there and you are needing provisions or directions or hell you get turned around. Deep inside you, there is the knowledge that you tap into and get to what, who, or where is needed. By far this is one of my favorite stanzas. On a side note, I would love to visit Externsteine in Germany. I found a small article about this place and if any of my readers could guide me into finding more information about the towns surrounding it and pictures that would be greatly appreciated. Happy Tuesday everyone!


6 Word Story: 8/17

I think today’s prompt is something that people give with the best of intentions and others will seek the best advice from trusted people. I tend to do both. Unfortunately, I see from other views and try to give the most appropriate but people really don’t care to see things from another view. I hope that encouragement can be found in some advice I give to help the other individual and other times I hope it helps keep the person safe. There are different degrees of advice but always try to be positive with words and not condescending. Or worse, advice that could cause more harm than good.

Prompt: Advice

Guidance isn't always warranted but needed.

6 Word Story: 7/28

I was (still am) full of excitement as we are attending a festival today. Normally, I don’t care to be around people, my anxiety almost forbids it. But today is different, they are like-minded and arent’ judgmental. I’m actually going to take along my watercolors to test the waters if I feel comfortable enough to paint with possible onlookers.

I readied myself for my walk when I noticed approaching the local track that the stadium lights were on and tents were being set up…ugh that’s right! The Bugle Mouth tournamanet is today as well. Outsiders from all over ascend on the town and are even more jerks than the people that live here. I’m still an outsider here after 7 years. I seen movement then people running and knew immediately that there was no way my fat ass is going to speed walk in front of all those fit people. Instead I stuck to the sidewalks and put my steps/time in and came home.

My husband hates when I walk the neighboorhood and is seriously creeped out by a guy-but I’ve never seen him. He said, ‘That’s the problem. You don’t see him but I do.’ Now, I’m getting fitted for a new holster for my carry conceal and yoga pants. I know, I’m rambling but it’s a cross between adrenaline and happiness-something I haven’t felt in a while. Busy day of festivities and catching up on my paintings. Happy Saturday everyone!

Prompt Word: Hostility


6 Word Story: 7/1 (no prompts posted)

I’m feeling a little lost this morning. Part of my morning routine is posting my 6-word story based on the prompts provided by Page Flutter. Last night no prompts were posted and nothing so far this morning. If I wait any longer I’ll have to sacrifice something later. I already had to skip painting last night due to all the daily errands and a ‘boys are fearless’ episode. I’m catching up (sort of) I still the first Fenton episode to post and work on something I think is exciting for the Friday Fenton Project. But I’m still here without a 6-word story prompt. I guess I’m going to make mine up. If there still isn’t anything posted I will create a list for everyone to try their hand at a daily 6-word story prompt. You can start with this one. Use the tag #jos6words, pingback, or comment below. Here goes nothing.

Prompt: Photograph


6 Word Story: 6/23

This should have been yesterday’s prompt. A chaotic day at work then even worse when I got home. Sure frozen pizza for the family and 0pt chili for me that was the least of my worries. Right now, the utility company is in the middle of changing connections for the water. Inspectors have been in out and of the house for a month (yeah that was a horrible anxious time for me) and we got the all clear. There wouldn’t be any water contamination in the house when the crossover is complete.

Last night, I don’t know what the workers did but we were without water for a few hours (I always keep bottled water on hand) then the electric went out. I couldn’t even finish my creative writing lecture. Hence the late Fenton post and the frustration directed towards the lead person of the crew. It was unacceptable to have the crew come back on Monday to get our utilities back on. Water was back at 11pm and the electric at 2am. I just got done doing dishes and made me a decent cup of coffee.

Happy Saturday fellow bloggers!

Prompt Word(s): Over the Edge


6 Word Story: 6/20

Dreaming is what has gotten me through a lot and has helped me achieve more than what I was dreaming about. If it wasn’t for dreamers there would be so much not in our lives, no goals achieved, no art, no color or life.

Prompt Word: Dreamer


6 Word Story: 6/17

This was another difficult prompt for me to wrap my head around. This month on Page Flutter the theme is Courage and it just doesn’t seem to fit with the prompt. I’ll try and make a connection but all I can think about is a crime mystery.

Prompt Word: On the Scene

6 Word Story: 6/8

I have had this happen myself a time or two and often wonder if this umbrellas public speaking? Now that I’ve gotten a little older I’ve gotten a little better about speaking out.

Prompt Word: Stage Fright


6 Word Story: 6/4

I think exploring the unknown is one of the most exciting things to do. It could be writing, painting, cooking, etc…It’s not something to fear. Knowing a subject can be but if you continue to seek out new areas of something it will stay new which makes it exciting.

Prompt: Unknown


6 Word Story: 6/3

Preparing for my pseudo-daughter to come home from college for a visit, my other daughter called and asked if she and her fiance could move in until they get on their feet, then my son gets his first ever migraine there was a lot going on. Top that off with the storm knocking my internet out off and on, I wanted to hurl modems into the street! I’m catching up on comments and emails…GRR plus I missed my paint and doodle! People are eating leftovers, I took my walk this morning, it’s going to be me; painting, doodling, and writing today (we’ll see how long that lasts).

The definition of today’s prompt is to be doing something reckless and dangerous. What is reckless and dangerous to one person is mundane for another. 

Prompt Word: Daredevil


6 Word Story: 6/2

I feel like I’ve been working so hard on my diet and not cheating but it feels like I’m not making any progress. The prompt today helped a lot. I do have a long way to go but I have to have faith in myself.

Prompt: Leap


6 Word Story: 5/22

I love colors but after working as a graphic designer I view colors in a different way, almost technical as they have Hex Codes and CYMK Values. Practicing in watercolor is allowing me to focus on color and really enjoy what is offered. I’m had the hardest time getting this into 6 words.

Prompt Word: Color Love



6 Word Story: 5/21

I could really use one of these right now. Yes, I woke up early. Yes, I took a walk. No, I don’t want to adult today. My body isn’t as young as it used to be and after a weekend of doing adult stuff my body is waking up like an adult.

Prompt Word: Energy Boost



6 Word Story: 5/20

I tend to wake up early because the more time I have during the day to do and experience things the better I can fall asleep at night. It took many years to learn that time is something that we do not own but spend. It’s precious and believe it or not a rare gem. Be mindful of how you spend your time. It’s dark and rainy right now so I can’t really go out and finish my garden but I have plenty of other stuff to do. Coffee and writing-you bet.

 Prompt: Choices


6 Word Story: 5/9

I need to learn to take my own advice. I want my goals to fun, not painful or leaving me feeling like a failure. Don’t let your goals make you feel like a failure. Have fun and keep trying. Nothing will ever be perfect.

Prompt Word: On Point




6 Word Story: 5/7

I use to believe that I really didn’t have a purpose. Truth be told, there are days that I still feel like that but those are my really bad days. The ones where I call in sick to work. Now, I do things that make me feel worthy and take care of myself the best way I can. Everyone has one of these.

Prompt Word: Purpose


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