Compassionate Chicken Marbella

Chicken Marbella

with Roasted Potatoes & Summer Squash

This was a complete accident. I thought I cancelled all the Blue Apron deliveries for this month. For some reason in my scattered brain fog I forgot this week. Well shit. Luckily I had the money in the bank to afford this delectable dinner.

My daughter knew how exhausted I’ve been and took charge. I arrived home from running to the store and dropping kids off to their requested destinations and smelled the fragrances of dinner. She was prepping the meal and hadn’t even started cooking! Garlic, oregano, and chopped prune scents were dancing in the air. What the hell is Chicken Marbella? According to our Blue Apron angel:

Chicken marbella is an Italian-American preparation of baked chicken served with a tangy-sweet sauce featuring prunes, capers, and more.

We’ve had prunes and I have had capers but never in a million years would I think they would make an amazing sauce. Watching  her dance around, chopping, drizzling oil, and sprinkling spices was mesmerizing. I offered to help but she wasn’t having it.

The aromas in my kitchen one would think they were being introduced by a professional chef but instead performed by my daughter. She informed me that she missed having blue apron and I had to agree.  The zucchini and potatoes were roasted perfectly and complimented the chicken nicely.

 From what I was allowed to observe she diced the potatoes and zucchini and placed them on a roasting pan, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and placed them in the oven that was already cooking the chicken. She rehydrated the prunes she cooked then with the capers, garlic, oregano, daft, pepper in the olive oil. When it was all done we enjoyed perfect bites of goodness. There was English butter, cherry vinegar, and light brown sugar added somewhere but she was so quick I couldn’t tell you where they went but I can tell you she put them exactly where they belonged.

I learned two things:

  1. Never be afraid to try new things
  2. I’m raising my daughter to have compassion.

That nah was proof that she understood my exhausting schedule limits me with time constraints but she had the compassion I needed to get through the evening.

Blue Apron is not a sponsor for me but I encourage you to step outside of your tastebud comfort zone and try something new.

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