Super Excited!

Coming home and ordering pizza was one of the most relaxing things I’ve done for myself today outside of creating my olive monster. Then I learn that I REALLY get to write a guest post on an art blog. Details coming soon but I’m OVER THE MOON to be given the opportunity to do it. THEN I was checking stats and noticed that one of my referrers was Discover. Umm…HUH? After Discover ended the topics I thought that would NEVER appear again.

I had a short response and thought it wouldn’t make a difference. There were so many awesome responses and stories. The question was, ‘What if you could do anything?’ My insignificant answer, short and to the point, ‘Heal what has been broken.’ There is so much turmoil in the world and within me that these were the only acceptable words that could barely scrape explaining what I would do. But, Y’ALL! (insert excited EEK here). I’m the 6th response down!!!

With everything going awful and these two positive moments happening on the same day is a renewal of determination and grasping confidence again. Just wanted to share and toot my own horn for a bit. EEK! And now I’m going to get some much needed rest.

50 Words from the 6 Words: Hatter’s Legacy

After yesterday’s Alice story I couldn’t stop there but will stop at the 50. A little research had to go into this but it was worth it and more difficult. Trying to stay within 50 words and tell a story that requires more I feel is out of depth. But I gave it a shot and now have a separate notebook with the makings of a short story.

This was a HUGE accomplishment and one that I am really proud of regardless if it’s right or wrong. In writing nothing really is right or wrong…well maybe except for spelling. Please try the 6 word story challenge. Did it help inspire your writing into a larger project? Let me know in the comments and I promise I will get social media up for my blog. One step at a time.

Hatter’s Legacy


“…happy summer days.” Alice closed the book.
“Goodnight Hatter.”
“Mommy, where’d I get red hair from?”
“Your father’s side.”
“But dad’s pictures show black hair!”
“Hatter, your father dyed it protesting your aunt’s ruling. Now sleep my love.”
Alice left, remembering the beheading of her husband ordered by his sister.





6 Word Story Day 2: Alice

I have been kicking around this idea for a short story and didn’t know how to put it into words but after this 6 word wonderment. I know have a couple of pages full of ideas. So, possible short story coming soon! SUPER excited. I explained what I was doing to my husband and didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for which caused my anxiety to start climbing the Empire state building like King Kong but took a deep breath and wrote it out here.

The prompt for today is, ‘Pause’. 
I don’t use the actual prompt word in my story but knowing that there is a pause in the action-I just fell in LOVE with it.


Alice closed her book. “Goodnight Hatter.”


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