Lunchtime Uplift: OLIVES RAWR RAWR

I have had the worst emotionally beating bad past few days. During an hour before and during lunch today I created something that made me giggle. What’s even better is the entire process made me feel like me. I forgot everything that has been going on and focused on the task at hand. I was inspired by the retro creature features from awesome days gone by. I used my palette 23 for the vector monster.

Owl for Me

I have been so uninspired and not creative at all. It’s not that I don’t have the time, I am busy but I have chosen not to find time for myself or any creative outlets.

Since my boss has most of the company blocked from many sites INCLUDING tutorial sites for the Adobe Suite, I was able to find one tutorial to get me back into my creative self.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t follow the tutorial to the exact T but I loved how this little guy turned out.

Find the tutorial here and I would love to see your interpretation of the OWL.

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