6 Word Story: 8/15

I tossed and turned all night last night. Receiving news that your 18-year-old daughter is pregnant will do that to a person. While my husband wanted to kill the boy I had to be the voice of reason, ‘She is an adult and she had sex too.’ She lives in another state first with her father (when she got into trouble here) and then with her boyfriend when her dad kicked her out at 17. There are a lot of moving parts to this story so instead I’m just going to say I tossed and turned.

Everything I wanted to do yesterday came to a hault so I will be finishing my loom today and trying to plan my indoor herb garden. There are so many things to plan I don’t even know where to begin. I also need to go and get the raw milk to make cheese for the Asatru event Saturday. With such a busy list of things to do and so much distracting my head from tasks I thought I’ll just start here with today’s prompt. Today’s prompt was difficult for me but I like where it took me.

Prompt: North

You're imprisoned by your own doubt.


6 Word Story: 7/10

I can’t tell you how many times people took advantage of my kindness. I have to admit that some of those moments I knew what the person was doing but I I continued to help. Do I let those few people define my kindness or do I continue being me?

Prompt Word: Misuse


6 Word Story: 6/24

I have a lot of fears and some of those cause anxiety and panic attacks. I have learned to deal with most but some are unshakable due to a past life. However, I do try and get past them or move forward but at the very least I’ll remind myself of who I’m with or where I’m at. This prompt actually should go with tomorrows. Maybe a part 1 and part 2 prompt idea?

Prompt Word: Biggest Fear

Prompt Resurrection …Better Explained

I have been scouring our wonderful bloggers for daily prompts and this is worth a checking out. Also, don’t forget to read about Fenton Fridays.

Originally posted on Cyranny’s Cove: ? A week ago, WordPress’ Daily Prompt gave its last breath, leaving many orphan bloggers, mourning the daily inspiration. Seeing how this affected the WordPress community, Dee, Kate, Kristian and I teamed up to offer an alternative to anyone who’d like to join our little adventure! Everyday, at 7am (Eastern Time), one…

via #WordoftheDay – Week One Recap! — Tales from the mind of Kristian

6 Word Story: 5/21

I could really use one of these right now. Yes, I woke up early. Yes, I took a walk. No, I don’t want to adult today. My body isn’t as young as it used to be and after a weekend of doing adult stuff my body is waking up like an adult.

Prompt Word: Energy Boost



6 Word Story: 4/12

I love playing in soil and dirt and would love to have beautiful gardens but my thumb isn’t of the green variety. I would like to think that in some way I’m growing other things.

Prompt Word: Garden Shed

Grow a world worth passing on.

6 Word Story: 4/10

There are two instances that I associate with this, my first tattoo and my mom being stung by ground bees. After looking the word up I gained a new perspective.

Prompt Word: Buzzzz

The sound you’re hearing is ideas.

6 Word Story: 3/19

This morning has been crazy and I’m frustrated that I couldn’t tell people ‘NO’ so I could write this. How many times have I started out saying this to myself and never follow through? TONS, to be honest.


Prompt Word: I will…

I will find my persevering will.

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