6 Word Story: 4/28

I could talk about the beauty of the colors that the blossoms produce but decided to do a little research. The folklore behind these trees is vast and all have deep meanings.

Prompt Word: Cherry Blossom

Birth and death, life requires both.


6 Word Story Day 11

I had to do a little research in the abbreviation and it being accepted as one word and so far from what I have read it does. My father passed away years back and he had a huge impact on the person I am today…or was before and need to find her again.

Prompt Word Day 11: Role Model

“Father, I’ll follow your example.” R.I.P

50 Word from 6 Words

After my 6 word story and a horrible fight with my husband I produced this piece. I’m really trying to get better at micro-fiction and learned rather quickly it takes practice. LOTS of practice. Unfortunately, I think I ended up with more of a poem instead of a story. Let me know your opinion.

Loving Death
Death loved her from infant to woman.
He observed her exchange vows,
And when her children were born.
He watched her smile, and helpless; when she cried.
He witnessed her being harmed and when she struggled to conceal bruises.
He crumbled watching her surrender. Death wept when she whispered, “Now.”

6 Word: Day 7

Just a reminder the theme for the month of January is mindfulness. I have come to grow and love using my own definition or take on the this word and the prompts through the days. I can’t even begin to count the numerous revisions and research that goes into only a sentence. But I would like to think that it’s great practice for an even larger project. I have also added a quick pen scribble for the image because there was nothing available. I used a reference and went from there. Backstory to this 6 Word Story…I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to be able to do this.

Day 7 Prompt: The Listener

Death wept as she whispered, “Now.”

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