Good for the Garden Doodle Bugs

I have a big day planned but was in my garden picking the last of the summer heirloom tomatoes and I noticed that something has been gnawing away at my pea plant. Ugh!! I haven’t used any chemicals on my experimental garden (nor do I plan too) and started to research destructive garden bug warfare. Ok, not really that term in particular but thought about looking at bugs that were good for the garden. Did you know you can buy insect assassins? And of course, WP isn’t allowing me to create a gallery YET again…

8/16: Lacewings are good for killing aphids, spider mites (especially red mites), thrips, whitefly, leafhoppers, some beetle larvae, eggs of pest moths, and mealybugs.
8/17: Minute Pirate Bug (OH I love that name!) they’re very very tiny and are good at destroying aphids, spider mites, and thrips.
8/18: And of course the dainty ladybug (although my sketch ended up looking like one of the evil turtles from Mario Brothers) these little bugs are good at eating aphids.

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