Lunchtime Fun: Blend Tool Experiments

I’m enjoying reading everyone’s special Valentine’s Day posts (both sad and happy). With work being thrown at me from all directions I did these up real quick. I decided to do a little refamiliarizing myself with the Adobe Illustrator’s blend tool and experiment a bit.

Two Weeks Rejected

I had a super difficult morning trying to get to work and I couldn’t even write before getting ready. Luckily, I had a friend send her husband back by my house to take me into work because the car was stuck IN MY DRIVEWAY! Yay snow! Then when I get to work it only got worse as I tried to adjust my attitude. The office staff, on in particular treats me like I’m beneath him. It was so bad in fact that my nose started bleeding and I was able to make it to my supervisor’s office before the panic attack set in.

There I told him enough was enough. I can no longer work in an environment like this, I no longer care about my job which I was once so passionate about, and I’m not in a good state of mind after a couple of weeks of everything I’ve endured here. I told him unapologetically that this is my two-week notice. And he said hold on to that because I have big plans for you. WTF! Did he not hear me? Mentally, this place is no longer good for me. My blood pressure and anxiety are through the roof.

I ignored emails and the people in the office for about 30 minutes so I could do this little vector up. Something to remind me to love myself. Why can’t I freelance from home? Oh yeah, not in this small town. It’s almost time to leave so I’m going to go home and think about what I’m going to do for my photo project tonight since we have over a foot of snow on the ground. Thanks for letting me rant.

Lunchtime Fun Continued…

I guess one good thing about the job that I loathe to work at is the downtime. I’m not that busy today and looked up another technique and style to try. You know me I love to learn new things. I’m so intrigued by the cutout appearance. I have so many ideas that I want to try out and I think I need to start making lists because I have so many ideas for the toy figures and photos I want to take. Is it just me or do the purples look like they’re moving?

Lunchtime Uplift: OLIVES RAWR RAWR

I have had the worst emotionally beating bad past few days. During an hour before and during lunch today I created something that made me giggle. What’s even better is the entire process made me feel like me. I forgot everything that has been going on and focused on the task at hand. I was inspired by the retro creature features from awesome days gone by. I used my palette 23 for the vector monster.

More Lunchtime Creativity

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to exercise my creative side here at work. I have work to do but thought I would go ahead and post what I’ve done from yesterday and today. This is partially becuase I no longer care about my job. Sad? Absolutely. I use to love and care about my job. It’s not the career I’ve chosen. It’s the company. But enough of the pitty party here is what I tried my hand at the past couple of days. I present some typography and Year of the Pig.


Lunchtime Fun

I didn’t get to post this on my lunch so I’m going to sneak it in now. I went back to basics for the animals with Adobe Illustrator and the cupcake is something I wanted to try in Adobe Photoshop. Both are simple in nature. Now I kind of want to explore children’s book illustrations and food photography. Just kidding, I have enough on my plate but I would like to entertain the ideas. Oh Oh…how cute would a comic be in the simple animal style?

Low Poly Art: Photoshop Butterfly

I wanted to do something quick before I turn off my phone and have some me time. I opted for a Photoshop low poly art butterfly. I would like my next piece to be a little more complex that would include directional lines.  This is a little out of my comfort zone with multiple and bright colors. Happy Wednesday everyone.

March 10th, 2018

It’s been a hell of a week. I can take the stress of deadlines and last minute projects because they are few and far between until this past week. On a good work week, my workload will average between 20 and 40 color-up requests. That does not include getting orders ready to be printed. This week I managed 152 color-up requests, an emergency banner (that needed to be completed within 8 hours to make the printer deadline) and an emergency handout that needed to be printed and ready to go within 24 hours. Then there was the imprint work for uniforms, approval forms, and they also needed me on the floor to help print.

Understand, I was a blue collar worker before my graphic design job. I was raised by a roughneck oil field worker. He taught me that nothing in this world is free and if I want something I have to work for it. So, I worked hard in college while working two jobs, three kids, a house to run then a divorce from my abuser. I maintained a 4.0 GPA and paid my dues. I worked odd design jobs and internships before landing where I am today. So when they asked me to go on the floor I did just that. I left the floor when I saw that the employees that were supposed to be too busy to print were talking, laughing, drinking coffee and checking phones. I refused to be used like that. I cranked out my order of 160 and went back to cave. There I was met with more work 15 minutes before I was to clock out and leave for the weekend. I decided that I would take my time. I was mentally exhausted to the point I had a headache, eyes were aching, 3 major panic attacks, one crying meltdown, and physical exhaustion. It took everything I had to write my short stories and doodle.

My husband listened to what was going on which helped a lot. He encouraged me to write more after telling him about submissions and what I wanted to do and what I am doing. I realized work was the reason why I was in a funk. I’m looking forward to this weekend. I will be doing some much-needed self-care. I will write, paint, read, and rest.

October 20, 2017

A journal entry during work hours…but of course. How else am I going to vent without going off on people. My anger has just built up to the point where it’s better for me to be alone in my art room rather than communicating with anyone both verbally or email.

The Reason

I am a graphic designer by day. It’s my 40 hour per week day job for a company garment company. Now I knew when I was hired that there were going to be hard deadlines and stressful vectors that needed to be created but with that being said…this was BS today. First thing this morning I needed to draw up a cricket logo that was literally 20px by 20px big in a jpeg format (the whole raster and vector argument that NO ONE SEEMS TO GET). Let me just say it pixelated really bad when brought into my Ai program. So, my ever resourceful self went to the internet and low and behold the cricket logo was missing certain aspects that was sent to me. UGH!!! So I painstakingly spent 3 hours drawing this damn cricket up.

Then later came a request that I knew when I first drew it up that it would come back to haunt me…and it did. The picture was taken at an angle and not flat so when I try to draw it up it looked wavy and distorted much like it did in the image sent. Believe me this was after hours of searching for a font that matched and nothing was out there. Well, today, the CSR came back in an email wanting the lettering straight (after already asking her for a better image the first round mind you). The kicker is I went to my supervisor and explained YET AGAIN what was happening and I get,’ Just draw it straight.’ FINE! I slammed the door behind me (ugh now I know I’ll definitely will be called into the office). I drew it and it looks unprofessional. Something I’m not use to as I am a perfectionist.

Whose Fault?

Well, the fault doesn’t stand with me as I have asked numerous times for a better image and even went to my supervisor. The client? Actually no. Simply because they do not understand what is needed. The CSR? You bet! They should be able to go back to the client to ask for a better image to insure the final product is perfect. Specially when Letter Jackets are expensive. You would think they would want repeat clients.

No I feel inadequate, job not so secure (because there are younger people who would do what  I do for less money but not as efficient quality), depressed, angry with myself for having such a difficult time drawing this up, scared, paranoid…you name it-it’s swimming in my head. So yeah, bad day for me. Rant over.

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