Odds, Ends and Ink

I have been trying to write some of this post for two days now but I’m swamped at work and it doesn’t end when I get home. I managed to get dinner in the crockpot this morning and write my 6 words but I arrived a little early at work so I have a moment to write.

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since I registered my blog? 4? Where did all this time go? I haven’t been writing an entire 4 years but looking back I’ve been through a lot and glad that everyone has been with me on my journey and given such great advice, warm comments, and awesome support. Thank you, everyone.

As you know I’ve been kicking around the idea of participating in Inktober. I have been really intimidated by all the people that I see posting amazing thumbnails that they haven’t even inked yet. Another factor adding to me nervousness is that I have never work in ink. Watercolor, acrylic, graphite, and even charcoal, yes but ink, no. I have some India ink that I have never used and will be using that. I need to get a couple of different brushes and markers, notebook, and a large pad. The friend that needed to talk the other morning has really opened up and has been using the pens that I got for her. I asked her if she would like to do Inktober. Now, I have an accountability buddy but it benefits her as well. She has an idea of creating 31 days of ink drawings following a Halloween theme on one large paper. I’m in but I also want to do Inktober’s prompt list. What does that mean? Either I combine the two or do two separate. I don’t know which yet but a combining the two, for example, would give me the prompt of a poisonous ghost. How cool would that be? Or a tranquil devil?

Official Inktober Prompts
Halloween Prompts

My Fav!

I needed a mental break from all the writing and thinking I’ve been doing for the past couple of days and thought I would participate in ROE’s What’s Your Favorite Monday’s question. If you need a mental break or a little entertainment,  click on over and see what it’s about. While your there also wander through her valley of words.


This isn’t a huge surprise as my favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s something that my children haven’t grown out of because, well I haven’t. It’s not about the candy but the traditions that I grew up with. Without going into detail, yes we did decorate. Yes, we did wear costumes. We also ate certain foods (oh all the awesome yummy foods) and held sacred the ‘between hours’. Yup, you got it Irish Samhain which my grandmother was a firm, set-in-her-ways believer. And no I didn’t dance naked and we didn’t sacrifice anything. I still hold a feast for my family (my kids look forward to it every year), we do costumes, some trick-or-treating, decorate and I tell them the same stories that my grandmother told me.

So what is your favorite holiday?


Wisconsin’s Werewolf

I’m kinda in the mood to write tonight and with it being so close to Halloween I thought it only fitting to fine tune my research skills and get spooky all at the same time.

Werewolf or Lycanthrope

Possibly made popular by recent movies such as Underworld and Twilight (guilty of watching both) and Harry Potter but was introduced to the big screen in 1941’s the ‘The Wolf Man’. The Werewolf is a mainstay with lore enthusiasts and sightings of these mythical (or could possibly be actual) creatures. We all have heard the campfire story about the full moon brings out the Werewolf allowing them to shed their human skin and transform into their hidden furry, fanged self. There are different versions as to what the werewolves do during the full moon but it’s only spectacted. It could be anywhere to finding a mate, creating more wolves, or even do a witches evil bidding but whatever the reason may be the legends of these creatures remain across all regions.

Beast of Bray Road

I have never heard of this but apparently Wisconsin has their very own werewolf and even some sightings. According to some internet research, the first sighting was in 1936. Then more sightings were reported in the 80’s and 90’s and even into our neighboring state of Michigan. A reporter was dispatched to interview witnesses that later turned into a book The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf by Linda Godfrey. I searched for where did this beast come from and nothing surfaced on the creation but the native tribes in the area have stories of such a beast. From what I gathered the beasts or beasts are hunters and are sighted but not any interaction (such as attacks)

Do I believe that the beast is real. Well, I believe that there is something about but not so much a werewolf more of a large dog/wolf breed yet to be documented or researched.

Your Local Legends

Have you ever really researched any local legends near you? Or have you ever experienced a legend for yourself? Look into it, research it, and make it a part of your story. There are quite a few other legends near me and I’ll research and post more of what I find. Right now–I got to get burgers on the grill.

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