Lunchtime Uplift: OLIVES RAWR RAWR

I have had the worst emotionally beating bad past few days. During an hour before and during lunch today I created something that made me giggle. What’s even better is the entire process made me feel like me. I forgot everything that has been going on and focused on the task at hand. I was inspired by the retro creature features from awesome days gone by. I used my palette 23 for the vector monster.

Lunchtime Fun

I didn’t get to post this on my lunch so I’m going to sneak it in now. I went back to basics for the animals with Adobe Illustrator and the cupcake is something I wanted to try in Adobe Photoshop. Both are simple in nature. Now I kind of want to explore children’s book illustrations and food photography. Just kidding, I have enough on my plate but I would like to entertain the ideas. Oh Oh…how cute would a comic be in the simple animal style?

Instead of working…growth

Today, I came into work allowing myself 5 minutes to clock in before I would be considered late. Let me tell you, it felt SO good to cook an awesome lunch this morning then to ACTUALLY sit and enjoy my breakfast. I said my good mornings, made small talk when prompted and did my job (so far, the day isn’t over yet). I’m not stressed nor did I go out of my way to do all the extra things I normally do for a company that catfished me into doing a job that they never intended for me to do.

Instead of working today I found some tutorials for Adobe and have been working my way through them. It was SO FUN! And the bonus part is because I really didn’t care how well I did my job I’m not as stressed. I did and then moved on.

I’m thoroughly in LOVE with the flat and low poly art. I can’t wait until I get comfortable enough to really venture out and stretch my graphic design legs. Happy Friday guys!

Poly Art Tree

I have been IN LOVE with poly art images and it took a bit to realize that is what the geometric styled art goes by, or at least one of them. In my true Jo fashion, I Googled until I found a tutorial that wasn’t blocked (yeah I was at work so I was having to fight the IT nazi’s firewall). After getting used to the process, I’m eager to try more complex images such as a fox or a gecko. Maybe once a month because it is time-consuming but I want to know the process of completing an image even though there are plug-ins that do this in a matter of minutes. I also enjoyed the control of it. So here is my first Poly Art image. Happy Saturday everyone.

Learn Something New

I haven’t had the chance to be creative. Who the hell am I kidding-I haven’t been me in years. CPTSD isn’t something that goes away because the scars of abuse last longer in the memory than it does on skin. I know my kids and husband suffer because of it. So, I tried to learn something new (art wise). Believe me when I say I had to FORCE myself to complete the little art course and that was even after I stopped a few days in a row to make way for my depression, anxiety, and dealing with the kids.

Kawaii according to the Urban Dictionary – An adjective in Japanese meaning ” pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet” It’s stem is two kanji meaning “can love”. It is

commonly used by anime and manga fans. I had NO IDEA what this was but wanted to dabble. Now I can’t get enough and want to draw and learn more. Unfortunately I don’t have the money from some of the tutorials and even though there are images I can sketch from, they aren’t truly mine. Anyone have any ideas? But I was able to do some more sketching and then creating some digital graphics.  I would really like to do a daily comic about my life with CPTSD and interactions with family and the outside world. I’ll never do it though. As sad as that statement was I don’t have the time.

I love drawing both traditional and digital but I really want to write. I have all these story ideas and just can’t figure out how to get the ideas to make sense. I’m the type of person that needs to be shown how. Not to be belittled, talked down to or made to feel stupid. I pretty much take care of that myself. Maybe I can find an online workshop so I don’t have the anxiety of being around other people? Any idea…one’s that won’t cost me an arm and a leg?

Owl for Me

I have been so uninspired and not creative at all. It’s not that I don’t have the time, I am busy but I have chosen not to find time for myself or any creative outlets.

Since my boss has most of the company blocked from many sites INCLUDING tutorial sites for the Adobe Suite, I was able to find one tutorial to get me back into my creative self.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t follow the tutorial to the exact T but I loved how this little guy turned out.

Find the tutorial here and I would love to see your interpretation of the OWL.

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