6 Word Story: 7/10

I can’t tell you how many times people took advantage of my kindness. I have to admit that some of those moments I knew what the person was doing but I I continued to help. Do I let those few people define my kindness or do I continue being me?

Prompt Word: Misuse


6 Word Story: 2/22

There were many times that a stranger came to my aide and then there were times that I was the stranger. I think that if at some point in your life a stranger brings comfort in any way it leaves an impression on the soul. Or it did for me.

Prompt Word: Stranger’s Kindness

No questions were asked, just comforted.


6 Word Story: 2/5

I drew a blank on this until I was sitting here at my table, blank screen in front of me, remote in hand scanning through the guide when I saw the title ‘Beauty and the Beast’. My mind was immediately thrown to the scene (Disney version) where the beast is trying to get Belle to go to dinner then to a situation where my husband and I had been arguing for weeks and he had to ask me to dinner…which I refused several times.

Prompt Word: Humbled

He Growled, “Please” removing his pride.

I’m NOT A Bad Person

This little affirmation that I say to myself on a regular bases just wasn’t cutting it for me. I could say it then I would feel that it wasn’t true by  the actions of other people, family, husband, coworkers-hell even the dog at times. I know that they are probably not thinking this but let’s face it…people like me can’t shake that feeling.

For the past month I have felt like poo and needed to do something to lift my spirits but to teach my kids a lesson since lately they have been getting down right spoiled and bratty (both my husband’s and mine fault…which I will own). I loaded everyone up on a cold Saturday before I had to go into work and went for a 30 minute drive to the animal shelter.

Here we played with dogs and cats then we sponsored a precious pit mix. The kids wanted to take her home but I stood my ground. We were there to sponsor her adoption fee. That way we are giving her a chance for a home before Christmas and the family a Christmas present. All the prospective family would have to is pass the requirements for adoption and give her a loving home. The kids really wanted her but understood that we have our fur-babies at home that need all of our love, support and attention.

Then I got the email letting us know that our sponsored puppy got her home for Christmas. Now the kids want to sponsor more. This lifted all of our spirits. That makes me feel better now if I only had the money to sponsor one shelter a month. That’s for me to figure out another time. Do you do any charity work or give to charity to feel human?

May 22nd, 2017 PART 3

Meat and Matters and Questionable Acts-part 3

I woke up Sunday morning kind of late after closing the bar at 2 am that morning. Exhausted was an understatement. Not only do I need to close the bar on Saturdays but I have to open the bar at 10 am Sunday morning. I still had to shop for the veggies, sides, and rolls so yes, I was panicked that I would be late. I was running around the house like a mad woman basically racing the clock. My husband said that he would go with me so he could help me open the bar and then help with the meat raffle. I come running out the bathroom because I heard a holler from the living room in my husband’s voice. He was sitting on the couch holding his foot. I learned that he was putting on his jeans when his toenail caught on the inside and ripped half way off. I’m not a squeamish person so the blood didn’t bother me. What bothered me was the fact that my husband was hurting and I had to bandage him up. This meant that I would be late but knew and understood my priorities. Yes, I was annoyed that he didn’t cut his toenails when I told him to and I was going to be late but he needed comfort and bandaging more than I needed to open the bar on time.

I managed to make it to the store and did all my shopping in 10 minutes, this combined with me speeding (yes, I have a lead foot and Sunday the speed limits were just a suggestion) I was able to make it to work on time. I was met by the bar manager nervously getting my chores done. I asked her what was wrong and I could see relief starting to come over her like a wave. She was able to vent to me so many things and situations that she has on her mind that it was no wonder she was their early. Or maybe she was seeing if I would arrive on time but I would like to think that it was because she needed to get a way and get a lot off her chest. I listened and offered advice where needed during her rant otherwise just lent an ear and a hug. She promised that she would be there to help tend bar if needed and participate in our 2nd meat raffle and 1st ever sign-in.

Throughout the morning I watched the clock, took care of customers, listened to problems or what someone was going to do for the rest of the day. As it got closer to 1 pm I got nervous. Ticket purchase started at 1 pm and drawing for the meat raffle at 2 pm, then the bloody mary raffle basket, then the sign in. Hardly anyone was showing up that said that would show up. Slowly they started coming in and it was the patrons that cared and didn’t want to see the raffle or me fail but also raise money for the widow and kids left behind because of cancer.

We had so much fun. Everyone quickly learned that little me has a mighty voice when needed. Bar dice was played, stories were swapped and drinks were purchased. In the end, the bar had a decent Sunday drawer (Sundays are our slowest days of the week and this is why I chose this day) but we managed to raise over $700 for the family! I cried from the overwhelming support that these patrons showed. We all know money is tight and it took a lot for them to spend what they could part with. Every little bit helps when a loved one passes and I hope that this little bit that we were able to raise helps in some way.

So here it is: Do you ever participate in a fundraiser for the family who has suffered a loss? Why or why not? I would love to hear your thoughts and answers.

Saying Goodbye

psst….I’m the one on the left

I have a friend well she’s more like my daughter affectionately referred to as my pseudo daughter. She is leaving for 16 weeks for a tech school in Florida and I wanted to do something only a mama would do as she calls me mama. This is a way for me to say goodbye without having the emotional goodbye.

It was a perfect cold rainy day for her to leave and I watched my husband carry out the crate stuffed with the brightly colored paper packed full of all different items. ‘Perfect day,’ I thought to myself hoping it would encourage her to keep driving towards her dream of attending college. She left behind a husband and three step children. I hope there marriage will be strong enough to embrace the miles apart. I wanted to make sure she had small reminders of comfort and wisdom wrapped in a little sarcastic comedy and began with a simple Google search of, ‘gifts for daughter going to college’. Of course like anyone else-I ended up on Pinterest and found this cute idea but took it a little further.

There’s little gifts for her to open different times throughout her first year such as a journal, and water bottle. I also wanted to include little notes with inspiration and quotes of motivation. I remember being in college and not receiving any support from my ex husband at the time and I do not want that to happen to her or anyone for that matter.

I think it’s important that a little something from yourself, a piece of your heart will go a long way. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. It actually helps with my anxiety and allows me to have positive thoughts within myself and resurrects hope that humanity can find a way to rise above all that is hateful and cruel.

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