6 Word Story: 8/3

I’m writing this with a blueberry green tea and sore legs. The Ibreuphen helped me through the night and I’m debating on whether or not just to cancel my dentist appointment. I know better and that I should go through with it but worried about how it will affect my diet. All the soft foods like mashed taters or tater soup or oatmeal are HIGH in points. We’ll see what I can live off of and what the scale says next Thursday. Oh, today is also Fenton Friday and that will be coming later today.

How often do you think about today’s prompt? Today, I’m going to lose teeth and yesterday I about lost my mind with one of the people I work with. There are all sorts of things a person can lose. I lost myself for years in an abusive relationship. I found a twist of humor. A note-my usual image generator isn’t working and I’m a little lost right now.

Prompt: Lose

264lbs lost! The divorce is finalized.

6 Word Story: 5/31

Unfortunately, there wasn’t the 31st day on Page Flutter’s prompt list. It’s perfectly ok. I make mistakes all the time. That’s how we know we’re human. So, I’m going to just make mine up using the theme for the month.

Prompt Word: Focus

Warning Turn

‘Do you have everything you need? Clean clothes, emergency kit, extra cash, map?’ ‘Yes mom, I have everything except the map. People don’t use maps, we have phones with turn by turn directions.’ My mom rolled her eyes at me and gave me a hug. ‘Be safe and call at every stop. Only park in well-lit areas, be aware of your surroundings and make sure the safety is off of your gun.’ ‘Mom, it’s going to be ok. Grandma’s house is only 12 hours away. I won’t even have to stop and sleep.’ I kissed my mother on the forehead and closed the door.

This trip was what a girl of 19 needed before going to college. Plus, my grandmother cooked everything from scratch. We already planned on going over photos, letters, and visiting the gambling boats. I set the route on my phone and I was off. The gas stops were mapped and my arrival time was in 11 hrs and 29 minutes. The audio on my phone broke through the monotony of the pavement under us and kept me right on track. I called my mom when I stopped to stretch my legs and to get a bite to eat. ‘Hi, mom. Yup, I’m ok. I’ll call from my next stop. Love you.’ I wanted to keep the conversation short and sweet because I couldn’t handle another safety lecture.

Back on the road, ‘Exit coming up, turn left and merge back on to the highway. Head north.’ I scrunched my face at those directions. Why did the GPS route me back home? I ignored the turn warning and kept going south. The GPS showed the original route and I didn’t give it another thought. ‘Exit coming up, turn left and merge back on to the highway. Head north. It’s not too late. If you stay on course you will not live to see college.’ ‘What in the hell?’ I asked out loud expecting an answer but nothing. I kept going comforted by the fact that I had the gun under my seat.

It was a long trip but I was now 5 minutes away from my grandmother’s house. ‘Make U-turn now. She is not home but her killer is.’ My GPS informed me with a monotone computer voice. I immediately picked up the phone to call my grandmother. My visit was going to be a surprise but I thought this warranted a call. ‘Hi grandma I’m going to be pulling into the driveway,’ I was quickly interrupted. ‘Oh dear, I’m getting my hair done but go ahead and go in. You know the code to the alarm. I’ll be home in an hour.’ ‘Ok, love you.’ I was relieved. I had completely forgotten about the alarm system.

I pulled into the driveway and my phone warned, ‘Get back in the vehicle and turn around. You will have the same fate as I do.’ I must be tired from the trip. Ignoring the advice I walked into the house and turned the alarm off. I turned on the light when everything went black. It was rather quick and painless. I would like to say that I didn’t suffer the same fate but now, I’m warning other people of danger through their devices.

This is obviously a fictional story responding to Discover’s Prompt Word: Warning. I wanted something different.

January 21st, 2018

I woke up this morning with a purpose and ended up being more thoughtful and organized than I thought I could be. The kids were sleeping, husband snoring in the next room and silence. How precious is silence? For me, it’s worth more than gold. I’m currently sitting here with a cup of coffee (still hot and no interruptions) and my hair still up in a towel (yes I did, I showered and if you have depression, anxiety, C-PTSD, or even just being a mom-that’s a huge accomplishment).

Yesterday was also productive. I cooked, sketched some ideas, wrote, did the grocery shopping, forbade my son to play with a boy that fashioned his own sledge hammer out of metal and wood (yeah that was not fun for everyone involved), and started a new series. But as I was going to shut down my computer I checked the news which I haven’t done since last week sometime. It made me think. All the women that are coming forward with the #metoo and all I can think is how brave they are but some of us silently suffered and still suffering.

We don’t have popularity, we aren’t actresses and singers, we are the ‘nobody’ woman that you passed in the grocery store silently battling something inside. Our voices don’t count but I’m glad that theirs do. They are bringing awareness about sexual assault but it doesn’t just happen in the work place. Unfortunately, it happens by our husbands, family, friends and people we trust. I hope that no one ever has to experience what I did. The humiliation, embarrassment, pain and all the pleading I did with no justice. “I’m sorry ma’am, he’s your husband. You two work this out.” then being waved off as a nuisance. Now here I am, yes away from him, but still trapped in my own cell. C-PTSD sucks. I have a therapist, medications, and STILL trying to figure out how to get my service dog. But no one is around to help with any of that. So yes, #metoo but I don’t want my ex to find out. You’re probably thinking, “WTF?” but the truth is I’m still terrified. I don’t want him to be near me, know what I think, know what I say, or even know what I am wearing. Yes, we have kids together but he refuses to interact with him. Even when I tell my children to call him (feeling of nausea the whole time) they don’t want to because they remember. Something I wish they didn’t.) Those women are strong and have made name for themselves. Then there is me. I’m going to get ready to go to the grocery store then to work, all the while carrying my own secrets heavily inside me.

Here is my thought, “I’m going to have a good day.”


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