Massive Doodle(s)wash Catch-up

I think the downward spiral was an event I can see and feel happening but I couldn’t do anything to just NOT let it happen. I have massive awards to catch-up on and hope to start on those tomorrow. I started my catch-up yesterday during a break at the festival and finished throughout the day today between chores and taking care of the family.

The Pagan Pride festival was a learning experience. My husband has had many questions and most I could answer but others he needed a more mature guidance than what I have. Then he asked, ‘How come you don’t practice at home?’ It broke my heart to answer because I knew that he would feel guilty and would try to overcompensate to make up his error in judging but I didn’t need or want that.

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6 Word Story: 7/21

I had a refreshing walk after waking up to a less stressful home. The storms have moved out of the area for the most part but the sky still looked like it was ready to deliver another bout of rain. Tons of errands to run and things to do but I’m actually feeling less stress this morning than I have in a while.

Prompt Word: Distance


6 Word Story: 3/2

I read this prompt word and immediately started singing Someday Never Comes by Creedence Clearwater Revival affectionately known as CCR. I grew up with these songs and groups from days gone by. Memories of dancing with my dad when I was a little girl or learning to play spades or poker make me smile. Where I grew up in Texas playing cards on Saturday nights were almost mandatory so I can hold my own pretty good.

Prompt Word: Someday


“Open when ready,” warned her letter.



6 Word Story: 2/20

This phrase rings true for me. Some memories I would like to forget some I hope I never forget and some were even taken from me due to CPTSD.

Prompt Word: Memories

Memories are both burdens and blessings.

6 Word Story Day 29

Yes, I got a late start this morning and had to rush to work. Luckily, I can think at work for a bit. I remember leaving home for the first time. When my mother decided to divorce my father. I took from that.

Prompt Word: Savored

She relished their time. Waving goodbye.

July 2nd, 2017

I haven’t posted a journal entry in a while but I have been exploring the poetry side of words and it’s more therapeutic for me. I have found a profound way to express feelings of anger, remorse, shame, guilt, sadness etc…

Tonight I have to work the bar during the town’s 4th of July celebration and as usual in nervous. The loud sounds and belligerent drunks remind me of my abuser. You’ll never forget the smell of whiskey and gun powder our the sound of your life almost coming to halt. Nevermind the thoughts of your children growing up without a mother. So tonight will be difficult but my husband will be here with me to help me through the hours.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th whether you’re out enjoying life or trying to survive the festivities like myself.

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