Back to Normal-ish

This weekend was busy and tiring. I am one of those people that after a holiday are over I CAN’T WAIT to put the house back to rights again. All the decorations and furniture needs to go back to where it was pre-festivities.

Our ‘Yule’/’Christmas’ tree was the first to come down. We enjoy real trees but the needles! We kept that sucker watered and taken care of all month but the needles were relentless. The tree is now resting behind our garage drying out for our next year’s Yule log burning. I learned about this while attending our first Yule with the kindred. I’m super excited to be able to do this-saving the tree for next year. All the evergreen trimmings and lights were the next to go along with my Christmas village. It was such a breath of relieving fresh air to have the house back to normal again.

This morning my son (poor little guy) came into our room crying about his stomach hurting. You guessed it-he caught the stomach bug. Just when I thought my house was no longer ground zero for this nasty thing it decided to rear its ugly head. It survived my chemical warfare of Lysol and Clorox. My husband has today paid off while I had to come to work. I’m so thankful that he can stay home with our son. He’s even helping clean up our room and house so we don’t go into the next year with procrastinated chores. Tonight, I have some planning to do with writing, trying to nail my 365-day project (also boosts portfolio) and finish developing my simple comic character. I will be ringing in the next chapter of yearly time with a sick little guy, clean house, pizza and hopefully creativity.

Is your house back to normal? What New Year traditions are you gearing up for? Happy Monday Y’all!

Jan. 1st, 2018-New Me Same Habits

I use to make resolutions and break them within a day or two. These are my resolutions with knowing set backs because I’m human with C-PTSD, 2 jobs, family, creative, ideas, and limited time. But I do need to get some things accomplished this year.

I went to the doctor on Friday which will be launching some of the changes that need to be made along with a therapist. Don’t judge but since my husband lost his insurance from last time I cannot get back into the facility where I was going to see a therapist. I say ‘A’ therapist because the one that I was seeing has now moved to a new facility and I’m not comfortable meeting someone else and opening up about t

hings that have happened. I started talking to an online therapist on Saturday because I was having a slight breakdown and he was able to set time aside (ASAP) to talk to me. Ok it wasn’t a slight breakdown…I was falling apart. But he is the reason I’m trying something else for new years.

The third reason that I have a resolution was writing and came across something that I have never heard of before. Now, I’m obsessed with it and can’t wait to get going on this project. But what’s great, everyone that reads about that project can participate in it with me. Now we can’t save the world but we can work together through support and idea bouncing.

So here it is, the big RESOLUTION LIST. The list that I will have failed attempts, late posts, no allotted time, or kids and life will get in the way. But here’s the thing, I accept that and in already accepting that a resolution is already done for the year.



  • Practice Yoga Every Day
    (I’m already failing at this because I need to wait until pay day to get my mat. I’m not ready to go the gym and be in front of a lot of strangers– YAY social anxiety. But I did enroll in an online class.)
  • Lose 20-30 lbs
    (The doctor said that I need to do that and better manage my weight and eating habits)
  • Write Daily
    (I’m rocking that this first day! I actually got up, made coffee, fired up my laptop and got things organized)
  • Quit Smoking
    (I’m already failing at this one. My doctor was supposed to call in my prescription along with my other meds and the one that’s supposed to help me quit smoking wasn’t there. So this resolution will start when I get that.)
  • Spend More Time for ME on Me
    (I’m always doing things for others and giving them my time that I had originally set aside for me because they ask.)
  • Bullet Journal
    (This should fall under the write everyday but I have never bullet journaled-didn’t have the money to get everything needed so I settled for a set of cheap colored pens, and a small handheld purple spiral. My beginning bullet journal assignment to ease me intp the whole concept of this style of journaling is to write down on a scale of 1-10 how bad is my SOCIAL ANXIETY and what triggered it. This is what my therapist has asked me to do.)

So basically there’s my list and my same habits will be present. And that’s OK too.

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