Dreaming Wheel

I’m so behind on my writing and luckily I’m slow here at work for the moment. I wanted to take the time to try my hand at today’s photo prompt.

‘This is the dumbest decision ever!’ Lara scoffed buying a ticket for the Ferris wheel.
‘You said you’d be willing to try. You’ve been on some horrible dates anyway, so what’s to lose?’ Liz chided snagging one herself. The tickets read, ‘Sit and enjoy the ride. The person across from your carriage is your true love.
The girls jumped in their carriages and around they went. Lara’s turn came to meet her date when she saw Liz walking off with HER ex. Deflated, she immediately regretted everything until she saw him.
‘Hello, I’m Tucker.’
‘I dreamt of you!’
‘I know.’

© Jo Creative PTSD Gal
Word Count: 100

Twittering Tales #119: Seer’s Sup

I haven’t participated in one of these challenges by was inspired by the Kristian to give it a go. This was a refreshing exercise and enjoyed it. If I can remember to do these I think they would be great to elaborate on for my longer stories on Fridays.

She sat quietly beside her cauldrons as they cooked the evening’s meal. No one visits a seer like herself unless it’s crucial. In the flames that danced under her supper, she saw pain, laughter, and heartbreak. She looked up at the new desperate stranger. ‘Sit. Sup then answers.’

280 Characters

My 150 Word Entry: A Mortal Accident

I am saddened to see that the Daily Post is coming to an end. I enjoyed reading so many new other’s posts and let’s face it-In the ‘Reader’ area we have to search my subjects and keywords. The Daily worked as a community library where we chose by titles are just one right after the other. I’m hosting a writing contest that ends in 5 days (Eek! Proud of the entries that came through and hope to get more–hint…hint guys.) 

I want different people with different blogs and different subjects still be able to write a post about a prompt. I know there is a community within the blogging world and that people would participate which has given me a spark of an idea. I just need to figure out how to get there. In the meantime, I thought I would try my hand at the 150-Word photo prompt challenge that I’m asking everyone else to try. There is one coming up for my artists. If you would like to participate and try the 150-Word photo prompt writing contest check out the detail here.

A Mortal Accident


I really want to go and play with the other kids but it scares them when they see me. I don’t know why. I have a great backyard with a swing and treehouse and mom bakes the best cookies for treats.

It’s been months since I’ve been to school and I miss my classmates. Mom and dad are sad all the time but we still sit down for dinner. I hate being confined to the house but at least mom is always there to keep me company.

We got a new front door after the accident. Dad painted it orange so hunters could see better in the evening times and will paint the arch orange too. I don’t know what dad meant telling mom, Henry didn’t feel any pain.’ Maybe someday he’ll explain it to me.

I do wonder though, what is an epitaph and why do I have one?


Jo/© thecreativeptsdgal.wordpress.com

Entry: The Inn of Eternal Rest

Another great chiller in such few words. The author of this story is Kristian over at Tales From The Mind of Kristian. Please click on over and read more of his work. Oh, I do hope he continues this one into something more. How many were there? Were they like this before they were a couple? The goosebumps!  If you would like to participate in the contest or share, check out May 10th’s post.  Don’t want to keep ya’ll waiting…


The Inn of Eternal Rest


It was a beautiful cottage, all innocent and sweet. Appearances can be deceptive. Its windows were like the eyes of a child with nothing to hide. If the eyes were the windows to your soul then these windows should have been blacker than the pits of hell.

It was an Inn once. Not anymore, no one would step foot over the threshold let alone agree to spend a night there. It had been owned by an evil couple who would put their wealthy yet defenseless guests into its main chamber. The bed was booby trapped and suddenly in the night, the occupants of it would find themselves hurled down through a trapdoor into a bubbling cauldron of boiling water in the kitchen below.

The evil pair were caught and hanged but still, their spirits linger, for to this day no one has ever survived a night within its walls.

Entry: The House

I have to tell you, these 150 words gave me chills. The wonderful twist at the end was AWESOME! The author of this story is The Dark Netizen. Please head on over and read more of his work. Psst…his 6-Word stories are better than mine. If you would like to participate in the contest or share check out May 10th’s post.  Without further ADO…

The House

The folks in my town called it ‘The Haunted House’. They forbade anyone from going anywhere near it. They had their reasons.

The elder citizens said that they had met the owner. That the owner had hound-like fangs, a deathly visage, and deep black eyes, eyes that could suck your very soul in. They said that the homeowner was a practitioner of dark arts. He had grotesque servants, the very horrors of hell under his spell. They said that the house lawns were burial grounds for the owner’s victims. The bodies lay underground, in a deathless sleep. They waited, lay in wait for a trespasser. The undying ones would drag the poor soul underground. Some said that the house was the very gateway to hell. The foulest fiend resided inside it, waiting to bring the very apocalypse forth. They called it a lot many things.

I called it home.

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