Comic Week 2

Guys! I found two of my Wacom tablets and a random pen tool with it’s tablet MIA. I tried the bigger tablet and guess what the damn thing wouldn’t work. Ok, I installed the driver and plugged the wires in and it would ONLY work if I held the wire in place. $80+ in the trash. The pen tool goes to my oldest-newest tablet and that’s GONE. I’m not getting rid of the pen just in case the tablet shows up. Then there was my first tablet trusty and clunky as ever plugged right in and worked! It took a little bit of getting used to again and all I can say is thank goodness for muscle memory and this morning a comic was born. I had so much fun even though my son thought it would be great to tap dance on my nerves before the damn rooster’s crow.

It was so easy to draw this little character of myself and my anxiety cat. I wanted to illustrate what I think my anxiety is like. It’s a cat that sees something to play with and bat around. My rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings and he is accelerating my thought process causing panic and anxiety attacks. My simple comic skills are a work in progress but I fell in love with this. If you would like to help me out (any will help or if you can’t share my comic). Enjoy the illustration of my anxiety cat playing pushing my rollercoaster and Mach 3 speeds around corners and curves.

Now…onto my next errand? Project? Who knows right now. I do know that I need to figure out why my color brushes weren’t working in PS and I think I’m going to spend a little time with my character this week possible fleshing her out more and some style sheets.


June 14, 17

So Much to Tell

  1. New adventure starting July 6th
  2. Dinner havoc
  3. Fresh start
  4. Social Media integration
  5. Design ideas

UGH…more of frustrated screaming. The internet outage in my area was resolved but MY internet was still not acting right. Couldn’t log on to save my life. Called the provider again and was told that a tech needs to come to my house. BUT not until Thursday between 6-7 PM. Freaking awesome! I have 4 major posts to put on here.

Glad I’m not running an internet business. Bare with me guys, I’m working on it.

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