Ending September 6 Word Story 9/29-9/30

This weekend was both fun and mentally tiring. I took a mental health day to myself and called in a vacation day. I think they can do without me for a day. If not there are other people there that can do a quick graphic. Today is October 1st and also the beginning of Inktober and weekend road trips to haunted locations this month (or so I planned). Let’s start with catching on my last two 6 word stories for Septemeber. Stayed tuned for October’s 6 Words, list, and Inktober beginnings. Happy Monday everyone.

Prompt 9/29: Flower

Caution! Poisonous petals still hold beauty.

Prompt 9/30: Grind

Don't let society widdle your spirit.

6 Word Story: 9/6

I’m frustrated to no end and ready to throw my hands up and just eat and be lazy. But that’s for a different post. Today’s prompt is something I feel that I have done or been my ENTIRE life. I much rather stand up against others, go against the grain, and at times-rise to the occasion of an argument.

Prompt: Rebel

Rebel against your own self-doubt.

6 Word Story: 8/30

Today’s prompt word can be used to refer to many things and situations. Like right now, for example, I believe that I didn’t do well on my diet this week. Pizza, cake, and bloody marys aren’t sufficient but I did love the indulging of fats, cheeses, and booze. I’m forcing myself to get back on track but I’ll post all that later.

Prompt: Belief

Always believe in your first step.

6 Word Stories: 8/25-8/26

I have stolen a few moments to sit and write these. My son’s birthday party is this afternoon and running around trying to get everything picked up, planned, and prepared was more time consuming than I thought it would be. I think the ages between 7 and 13 are the busiest parties or at least for my kids. After 13, they just want to hang out with friends after a small dinner out with the family. What am I thinking having 13 active kids in one place only to have them sugared up on top of the noise and action?

8/25: Domineering

I have experienced this I don’t know how many times in my life. Where I work this is exercised a LOT by people that hold higher positions. Now I tell them, ‘Educate me. Don’t belittle me.’ Sometimes that works in the right situations. Other times, they learn that they are actually the one that needs to be educated.

Arrogance isn't an excuse for belittlement.

I’m going to try and heed my own advice here trying to get out of this slump. No one else is going to do what I want to do and I need to stay positive with my attitude.

8/26: Diligent

Always be active in pursuing dreams.

6 Word Story: 8/23

Guess who got their internet back? This gal. The company finally agreed that we needed a new router, came and installed it. 

I really can’t speak for society as a whole but I can from my point of view. From what I see, I heartbroken and scared. I know that more is being shown on the news and not so much censored as it was in the 80’s and 90’s. I think it’s just going to get worse to tell you the truth. A week ago I stopped to let kids on bikes cross through the crosswalk and no one else stopped. I literally had to get out of my car to help them across. I hope that drivers that seen me are mindful next time they are driving and come up to a crosswalk.

Prompt: Society

Be an example for younger generations.

6 Word Story: 8/21

Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed was something that I wasn’t this morning. I was dragging my butt to get out of bed. I had a horrible stomach bug last night and I was wiped out. And now with the poor air quality due to the wildfires in Canada, I’m exhausted. Today’s prompt was difficult. I thought about all the times that I had given up because of one thing or another. Now, I know that every morning is a chance to start again. Failure happens when we stop trying.

Prompt Word: Wide-Eyed


Mornings are chances to start again.


6 Word Story: 8/19

I had a wonderful experience last night and felt like I was at home…away from home. That’s why I’m running so far behind. I learned so much. Today’s prompt is one word that can be used for different things: book, call, servant, social media, website…just to name a few. I deleted and rewrote this several times and tried hard to choose one that I absolutely loved. I decided on this one. Why let anyone write your life’s story? They can be a chapter in your life but you write it.

Prompt Word: Page

You're the author of your pages.


6 Word Story: 8/18

I would have to admit that I am a very pushy person. I push myself to try new things, make goals and reach them. I push my girls to work hard in school, have empathy, and be good people. I also push people away. The ones that hurt me or abandoned me only to return when they need something. It has taken me a long time to understand that I’m a push person both positive and negative.

Prompt: Pushy

Never be ashamed of your ambition.

6 Word Story: 8/14

Today’s prompt was a great way for me to reminisce about things and people I use to cling to but also the ones that I just let go. Sometimes the decisions weren’t always right and it has taken me a long time to get right with a lot from my past. Most, self-induced.

Prompt: Cling

Right or wrong; hang onto conviction.

6 Word Story: 8/12

I use today’s prompt word like it is second nature but haven’t really thought much of the definition. I think I have even used it in a few work emails. I also think that it a word that can be used in both reassuring and threatening ways. I’m running super behind but have a lot planned for today and tomorrow. My son is even joining me in writing one of his own stories.

The more I thought about this prompt the more I realized that it has taken me a long time to even accept who I am as a person. It’s tough living up to everyone expectations and beating myself up about who I am not or what a failure I am. I’m trying to turn that around.

Prompt: Insure

Guarantee your happiness; love yourself unconditionally. 


6 Word Story: 8/11

Good morning. Trying to be positive since it feels like I have misplaced my motivation. I had good intentions of doodling last night but then remembered a commitment that required some recipe and skills experimenting. This, in turn, prompted a hasty trip the grocery store (pick up an order) and purchasing actual raw milk. Any guesses on what I’m going to attempt? The triumph OR catastrophe will be posted later today. I also need to pick up items to build a loom (for tapestry, blanket, or rug type thing)…anyone knows how to warp a peg loom? That will be posted too but first, let’s try to get through the prompt.

Prompt: Lamp

Strength is your beacon for hope.

6 Word Story: 8/9

Today I got up and walked for the first time in a few days. Every muscle in my body was telling me, ‘NOPE’ but at least I made an effort. Today is also weigh-in day but that’s a different post for later. I made it into work and decided I needed to take a moment for today’s prompt and remind myself of a few things.


6 Word Story: 8/8

I made it into work. I really don’t want to be here but couldn’t afford any more time off. So far, I’m really starting to second guess my career choice. I’ll try to doodle on my breaks and see what else happens.


Time is precious; use it wisely.


6 Word Story: 8/7

I’m up and moving. I’m forcing myself to move and get things done. I thought I would start here. Tomorrow I will return to work. Why? Simple, I have bills to pay and things to get ready for these upcoming months. I’m sure I’ll need to lay down and take breaks but for now, I’ll write my story and take a shower. The pain isn’t so bad and my jaw isn’t so swollen. That’s good. Have a great day!


Even small successes deserve applause too.

6 Word Story: 7/27

I walked this morning and it killed me. I had very low point day and treated myself to a salad from McDonald’s (have it all the time) and a chocolate chip cookie (haven’t had in over 3 months) and within the hour I was sick and begging for Tums. My husband said it may have something to do with the recalls that have been happening and I’m hoping not. I don’t want to be sick because we have the festival to go to tomorrow and I’m not missing it. I was late to work because I fell back asleep…just not my Friday.

Today’s prompt is another versatile word that can be used in several different scenarios.

Prompt: Filter

6 Word Story: 7/23

I haven’t been feeling myself the past couple of days. I’m trying to catch up and fight like to keep interest in what I’m doing. Depression is something that doesn’t go away…no matter how hard I try to will it.

There are many ways to use today’s prompt word and can be used in all genres referring to all sorts of things.

Prompt Word: Crave


6 Word Story: 7/22

Last night after errands (that kept me away longer than what I had wanted) my husband wanted to start rewatching a series only to ask a million questions about the meaning of certain things. It made me realize that I know a lot that I’ve forgotten but want to continue my education on the subject. I think a trip to the local library is necessary.

When adding this word to my monthly prompt list, I thought it would be a great way to describe something other than what had to do with a geographic location. It could also be used to spark a story longer than 6 words.

Prompt Word: Lake



6 Word Story: 7/21

I had a refreshing walk after waking up to a less stressful home. The storms have moved out of the area for the most part but the sky still looked like it was ready to deliver another bout of rain. Tons of errands to run and things to do but I’m actually feeling less stress this morning than I have in a while.

Prompt Word: Distance


6 Word Story: 7/20

If these people don’t leave soon I will more than likely lose it. I cooked dinner and instead of letting me feed kids first they just dug in. I said something, of course, took their heaping piles of food and put everything back. Fed my children and then put some aside for my husband and told them, ‘Now you can eat.’ Why didn’t I feed my guests first? They put themselves in their situation and I know that they have money but would rather spend it on other things instead of helping out with the meal. It’s raining on top of everything so I couldn’t walk and feel just blah.

I thought today’s prompt was a great word. It can be used in so many instances and a lot of people have their own personal experience with it.

Prompt Word: Dark



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