Doodle Delay

I have been really distracted today with writing and then chores and before I knew it it’s dinner time. What am I cooking? Nothing! I have cooked every night this week and leftover needs to get eaten. Not to mention last night the flashbacks were more real than I could ever remember. More than likely due to stress or a conversation. But, I say down, put in my headphones, with some powerful tunes (that mean a lot to me) and doodled to my little heart’s content.

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Doodle Much?

I feel horrible for neglecting my doodle responsibilities. I have been more focused on finishing my A to Z challenge that I’m pooped by the time I need to doodle. I had fun with these though.

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Random Juice

I love orange juice, apple juice but my absolute favorite is tomato juice with vodka and celery salt. Being a former bartender I make my own jalapeno vodka for my Bloody Mary’s, spicy V-8, celery salt, sriracha, A1, and a bunch of other stuff…wait where was I going with this? Oh, random doodle.

Random Word: Juice

Random Flash

I’m drawing a blank after writing a very emotionally difficult story to be posted tomorrow. It’s more cartoonish than anything. I’m reminded of a story that my grandmother told me about when she was leaving the grocery store. A man had stepped in front of her and opened his coat to reveal his nakedness. My grandmother said she laughed and told the man that he should be handing out magnifying glasses before trying to offend someone with his small toy.

Random Word: Flash

Random Pierce

My son has made it impossible to concentrate today. His ear-piercing whining has been driving me up the wall. Thank goodness it has warmed up and he’s outside playing some of his energy off. But thanks to him, I was able to find my random word for the day.

Random Word: Pierce

Random Doodle Do’s and Ugh’s

I didn’t post my daily doodle yesterday. I was exhausted but not from physical work. I’m beginning to think that what they hired me to do at my daily job-I’ll never do. But what I am required to do is to be the designated individual this certain person throws under the bus because she failed to get her part of ANYTHING done. Luck was on her side. I didn’t pick up a cigarette due to stress but decided that I want to stay smoke-free. I instead walked away. I was close to just decking her in the jaw but then that would be the southern roughneck behavior they all expect to see. If she doesn’t communicate what she really wants then I’ll give her exactly what she asks for. Only, the last time I did that she started informing the office what an idiot I was. A supervisor had to step in an remind her that I can’t look at her butt and read her mind. She needs to communicate better. Oh, did that ever piss her off! I have a romance to write today and hopefully work goes well.

Random Doodle Words:

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Random Memory

I understand the importance of wanting to capture a memory, a moment in time that is special to you. I also think that with mobile phones the magic of spontaneously capturing an image by chance. The type of moments that where you’re on a trip and bought film. The moment at your kids birthday and blows the candles out. We are now a society of capturing anything and everything. Even the moments that are private or some that are used as a form of bullying. My best memories are the ones where I don’t have a camera or my cell is out of reach. Those are the ones that are ingrained in my soul.

Random Word: Memory







Random Tuesday

My brain hurts.  Stress at work not because of my requirements but because of two supervisors basically having a pissing contest. My anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t concentrate to cook dinner or write a short story.  So my random doodle was just the day of the week. By the way my husband picked up tacos so I didn’t have to cook.

Prompt Word: Tuesday

Random Jelly

For some reason, I had forgotten this little piece of knowledge. I came across a picture while at work and thought, ‘WOW!’ then, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right’. My emotion scale was high then oh. Yes, I should’ve been working but the truth is, after the blizzard that hit over the weekend a LOT of people didn’t show up for work. I, on the other hand, decided to catch a ride from a coworker. Yup, I hate responsibility but someone has to do it. So, I looked at pictures of sea turtles and jellyfish.

Random Word: Jelly

Random Doodle Blizzard

I should’ve been doodling Friday evening but my husband surprised me with a movie. We actually went out to the movies. Something that I haven’t done in a long time that wasn’t a kids’ movie. I wasn’t disappointed by our choice, ‘A Quiet Place,’ (I recommend that you at least rent it when it comes out. I was hoping they followed ‘No Country for Old Men’ approach and was thoroughly satisfied.) but more worried about the impending snow storm. We made it home safely, it was only a minor precipitation of frozen mix. In the early morning of Saturday, I was awoken by a pinging sound against the window. It was a full-on sleet and snow coming down. We were already ready for this since we got to the grocery store early and back before the weather got worse. I heard on the news that it was going to get even more worse during the night.

It was 4am this morning the sound of the scraping snow plow woke me up. I looked outside and couldn’t see anything. Turning the new on, I learned Winter Storm Evelyn was upgraded to a blizzard! A blizzard in the middle of April! I’ve had it with Spring playing peek-a-boo with the state. My husband dug out the porch so our four-legged family members could go out. That was 3 hours ago and now it looks like another 5 inches has fallen.

My doodle catch-up is about the weekend and the blizzard.

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Random Currency

I realized my mistake after I finished the 15-minute allowance of doodle time. My random word is currency and I drew clams. Get it? Clams? But instead of writing currency on the paper I wrote clams. I guess it was exciting for me to complete my doodle after a trying day at my job and then writing about something I only think about every now and then.

Random Word: Currency

Doodle Catch-Up

I’m sad that I haven’t been able to paint and even worse that I slacked on my daily doodle. My husband brought me my doodle journal. I feel lightheaded when I sit up but I really needed to catch up on my dailies.  I want to stay somewhat in a theme.

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Random Crack

I asked my daughter for a word, any word and what do I get? Crack. Yup, I should have known better when she’s nose deep in memes. But I thought of taking a word that sounded crude and turn it into cuteness. She wasn’t impressed.

Random Word: Crack

Random Block

There are times when I do experience writer’s block or creativity block and those are the times I need to step away. Today I had coffee with a person that is an emotionally abusive person and I left feeling stronger. I learned that when someone is stressful to me it causes a block. I let her know and came home and wrote. I have a promise to fulfill because there is a deadline and then another important post but for now, I doodled. More to come after a short break. How do you overcome your creative blocks?

Random Word: Creative Block

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