Random Pierce

My son has made it impossible to concentrate today. His ear-piercing whining has been driving me up the wall. Thank goodness it has warmed up and he’s outside playing some of his energy off. But thanks to him, I was able to find my random word for the day.

Random Word: Pierce

Random Gentleman

I really wanted write today and all I managed was my 6-Word story but I’m ok with that. I was super excited to paint socks in watercolors. Yes, socks. I was in an artistic mood. When I think of a gentleman I think of a full mustache and monocle.

Random Word: Gentleman

Still Random

My place of employment must think I’m a super designer (insert flowing purple cape here) because mental exhaustion is setting in and my eyes are actually tired.  My random word is still.  Even though I was sitting still at my desk today,  my coffee kept me going.

Random Word: Still

Random Ghost

The random word that I ended up getting was, ‘Family Ghost.’ Heaven knows my family has plenty of them. Not to mention the secrets that were carried to graves but that’s a different post. But one thing that my family has passed down is a family quilt and that’s the inspiration behind the doodle. Today I couldn’t draw my doodle. Let’s just say my employer knows they have a confident and knowledgeable designer and possibly just helped land they another account (again that’s another post that I’m waiting to see what the end result is). I have a short story to work on and I NEED to paint something but for now, my doodle has already taken some of the anxiety away.

Random Word: Family Ghost

Random Forest

I would love to be in the middle of a forest right now. Being forced, OK, it was more of a requirement to work during my breaks that I use to do my 15-minute random doodles has thrown me off all day today! I did not forget and now the feeling of doing something wrong is gone. I continued even though my anxiety was shooting through the roof getting side glances from my office partner.

Random Word: Forest

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