March 1st, 2018

With it being the first day of March it has a renewing quality. I have read a lot of the blogs that I follow do a monthly recap. So much has happened in a month and so much I have forgotten (wish I didn’t) that I can’t do a true recap.But I do have this:

Goals (so far)

  • I haven’t had a cigarette in almost a full 2 months
  • Have been writing daily, submitted a piece of writing for a blog
  • Participated in Discovery’s Daily Post (need to do that more often)
  • Started playing with watercolors more, picked up a daily doodle habit (hoping to keep that going)
  • Keeping up with my reading journal
  • Trying new watercolor techniques/painting more

I have a short story in the works and had to look up what constitutes a short story (referring to word counts) and I can stop but I need probably another 1000 words to bring it to an end. I started reading Macbeth and I have to re-read a scene at least twice. But the first act inspired a watercolor painting. I used non-traditional colors for the toad, highlighted with white ink (thanks for the advice guys) and Indian Ink (with a toothpick and brush..thanks for the tips). I tried catching personality and mysticism of the creature and almost achieved what I had envisioned.

I have learned so much from the blogging community and appreciate the wealth of knowledge that these talented individuals offer. I wanted to tell my readers “thank you.” I wanted time to write, update my reading journal, and paint that my husband offered to cook dinner. Even though it was pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon it was awesome that he stepped up to give me the time that I need.

So here’s to another month of me proving to myself that I got this. If I want to make hair-brained goals it’s ok and it’s ok if I fail just as long as I keep trying.


February 19th, 2018

As ya’ll have been reading my significant other has been down with the Flu which leaves me with a whole lot more extra work around the house plus trying to help him. So when it came time for me to go to work I this morning I was more than happy. There I felt peace until everything hit the proverbial fan. We are under a Winter Weather Warning which meant that work was trying to get through at a faster pace in case people couldn’t get to the factory. Luckily, I live 3 blocks from my office and the only thing I have to worry about is getting up a major incline (both ways). I was stressed by the time I left cranking out art for school, colleges, and the retail side and decided that I was going to dive into loose watercolor techniques and doodling.

I wanted to throw in the towel truth be told. I didn’t like how it flowed until I added more water. My only regret is that I didn’t leave enough white space to my liking. But I LOVE this piece and can’t wait to have another go. I would tonight but my husband needs the kleenex (which he can’t reach even though it’s literally right next to him on the bed) and is to sore to get up and push buttons on a microwave to heat up the soup.

I also started working on the ‘Ballpoint Pen Doodle’ book that my daughter got me for Christmas. I did this while at the laundromat. It helped calm me while being around all those strangers. I usually panic and need my prescription intervention but since my husband was to sick to even sit up I had to go. I didn’t have to make eye contact and focused on copying the exercises in the book.

My reading log…I didn’t forget. I didn’t listen to my Jane Eyre today. I needed a break from that book. I didn’t realize all the gaslighting that occurs for poor Jane. I am looking forward to Mr. Rodchester admitting that he has feelings for Jane but I’m thinking that the author is going to make me wait until the last few chapters. I did, however, try catching up on some of my podcasts. I did promise myself I wouldn’t download any new episodes until I was caught up.

I hope I get some sleep tonight even though I’m still confined to my recliner since my hubby is contagious.


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