Pampering Pimento

Worst Monday EVER. Ok,  maybe not but it’s a clear second.  I haven’t had a chance to breathe until now. After being out sick my catch up like of necessary artwork was ridiculous! Came home and wrote my short story,  my daily doodle, and that was after all the running around right after work.

I left work on a mission.  I had to get a work permit for my daughter,  then her ID at the DMV so she could get her back account. Work permit was a piece of cake. The DMV was a nightmare! 45 minutes later we made to the bank right before it closed.  Got home and wrote while boiling taters.  I felt so stressed.  So I made my dad’s favorite comfort snack, pimento cheese.  Everything melted away. One bite and I was back at the kitchen table telling my dad what a bad day I had and he listened while loading crackers.

I found a recipe and made a few tweaks adding onion powder, parsley and a dash of Tabasco. I also used a yellow extra sharp and a yellow regular cheese.  Give it a try.  What is your go to pamper snack?

Whale of a Choice

Yes, my warm-up today consisted of my cheap tube watercolors and trying to steady my hand. And an awesome avocado snack to give me courage. I will have to repaint my little creature because the paints my husband got me are awesome! The brightness of these paints is something else! Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus series is amazing.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous using them and didn’t even know where to start. I search some tutorials but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I just dove in…literally. I learned real quick that one drop will be MORE than enough when doing wet on wet. It also splatters really well (I have to clean off my laptop screen) from the liquid consistency.

The colors are brilliantly vibrant and I need to learn to control the color with water. I also enjoy how the two colors I used didn’t create a ‘mud’ puddle on the page. All in all my husband chose a good line. Now I need to figure out how to paint with the inks. Explorations in watercolor and ink to be continued…

Any tips and tricks, I’m all ears (eyes). I also need to decide if I’m going to participate in the A to Z challenge. I’m already doing the 6-word story daily prompt and my random daily doodle, can I fit in an A-Z challenge? My husband says yes and to do it with watercolors. I’m having fun writing, doodling, and painting on my own. I could do a-z things to put on toast or attack of the killer foods short stories. Yeah, I giggled. Now, to try and write. Have a good night ya’ll.


Avocado Warm-Up


I decided that I was going to do some warm-up watercolor practice before getting completely adventurous. A fellow blogger, Kristian suggested avocado mixed in egg salad on toast. I already had a huge breakfast this morning so I substituted the toast with pretzels and it was amazing!

I was halfway through my creature painting when I decided to try this snack. My picky 8-year-old even liked it. The avocado added an extra layer of creaminess without taking away from the texture hardboiled egg. I think I found a good protein pick-me-up during the afternoons that run me down. I find that after a panic attack or overwhelmed protein helps a great deal.

If there are any culinary suggestions from near and far I look forward to hearing about them.

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