Writing Prompt: 10 Minutes

Find a photo and write what’s not in the picture.

Her Woods, Not Seen

Her bouncing ginger girls would catch the light through the canopy above. Her giggles echoed off the side of the brick mansion. How she missed running through the halls of her child hood home with her little brother. He’s now grown up with a family of his own. He has asked her to stay but only outside as she scared his son and wife. She agreed with sadness in her heart. She never meant to frighten anyone, she only wanted to still be a part of her family even after her accident. Her father filled in the pond shortly after she drowned that one fateful summer. She only wanted to cool off. She never blamed anyone for her accident. So during the days she played in the woods by her house watching from afar the family that grew around her. At night, she would sit on the porch watching over what she held dear to her heart.

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